Find potential customers based on their domain and send them an email drip campaign. Use high-performing cold email templates and track your success.

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+ Find, Validate & Send emails in one tool
+ Works with other tools, for example; dux soup
+ Automate your sales outreach


- GDPR compliancy
- Could be expensive for smaller businesses


Track all your emails with and get better email insights
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Tool FAQ

What is

Is good?

The versatility of its functions makes an excellent choice when it comes to choosing an effective platform for managing contacts, verifying emails, disseminating email marketing campaigns and performing follow-ups. Companies such as eBay, Merck, Disney, Walmart, Ubisoft, Duracell, Toyota, fiverr, Quora, Target, Nike, are among the clients that have made use of this powerful tool.

Is free? is an unlimited Freemium tool, i.e. it offers a free plan that can be renewed forever with different features including up to 100 recipients (drip campaigns) and 50 monthly credits. If users want additional features they can choose to subscribe to one of the 5 paid plans available on their website.

How do you use

The online email search and analysis tool works by extracting emails from any website. To use it, simply log in to a website, launch the extension and automatically all emails will be gathered and sent to your profile. Note: the tool has a verification process that includes checking MX records, SMTP Authentication, domains, validity, formatting, etc.

How much is has a free plan and monthly or yearly payment plans (includes 2 months free). They offer 5 monthly plans as follows: S for $ 39.00, M for $ 79.00, L for $ 169.00, XL for $ 289.00 and, XXL for $ 578.00. These plans vary in the number of credits and unique recipients and there is no limit to the number of users.

How do you use on LinkedIn?

To connect to LinkedIn you just need to use its LI Prospect Finder tool to directly get emails from potential customers like this: 1. Download the Linkedin Sales Navigator extension, 2. Activate the extension, 3. Select the people and prospect list, 4. Add the list in the menu, check search emails and finally save. Features

Snovio is a cold outreach automation platform with more than 400,000 users. The suite of tools offered by the platform allows you to find, validate and send emails to prospects. Snovio is well-rated on Capterra and Trustpilot. The platform won the Rising Star 2019 Award and Premium Usability 2019 Award from FinancesOnline.

The platform is trusted by Ubisoft, LEGO, Lenovo, Oracle, Uber, Soundcloud and NYU.

Snovio offers a wide range of growth hacking tools, but three of the most popular features include:

Drip Campaigns

Snovio’s Email Drip Campaigns can be personalized to meet your needs and allows you to scale your outreach with the help of automated email sequences. Triggered sequences automate the entire process, so you can reach out to influencers, bloggers and platforms without lifting a finger.

Snovio’s email tools include a drag-and-drop email campaign builder to help you improve your delivery, open and reply rates. Their tools make it easy to create a custom drip campaign and manage cold prospects.

Through the Snovio, app you can a send follow-up message after events automatically to keep your brand fresh in their minds and even request a call.

With Snovio’s drip campaigns, you can:

You can also create a multi-flow drip campaign to sort your leads into different categories.

Drip campaigns can be a powerful tool for growth hacking and can be used to:

Free and premium accounts offer access to email templates that can help improve conversion rates. Multi-purpose templates are available as well as specific templates for sales, blogger outreach, follow-ups and more.

Snovio allows you to create customized schedules for your drip campaigns based on the best times and days for your recipient’s time zone.

Verify Emails

Snovio’s email verifier is a powerful tool to help you manage your list. Over the last 12 months, Snovio has verified more than 90 million emails for over 100,000 users. Just upload a list of emails you want to check, and you’ll receive a clean list in return.

It’s important to have a clean email list. When too many messages are sent to invalid addresses, bounce rates soar. High bounce rates could get your account suspended. Snovio checks every email address on your list to help keep your bounce rates low.

The verification process is quick and simple:

Email Verifier offers:

Find Email Addresses

With Snovio, you can find any email, anywhere. Snovio has found more than 128 million emails for over 200,000 customers in the last year. Finding email addresses will give you more opportunities to generate leads and conversions.

There are multiple ways to find email addresses with the Snovio platform:

Snovio offers more than half a dozen email finder features, and the platform’s Chrome extension allows you to search for emails from anywhere.

Snovio offers a free account option with no credit card required. Although the free account has limits, all tools are unlocked and available for use. Paid plans are available for brands with higher demands, with monthly and annual options.

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