Gather all your designs in one place, collaborate on them and share them easily as they are all within the cloud. They even offer a plan for freelancers.

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+ Work together on designs
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Design all your mockups easily with Sketch
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Sketch Features

Sketch is a platform used by over 1 million people, from large teams to freelancers. The tool runs on MacOS, and there’s a free, full-feature trial for 30 days. There are licenses for individuals, and teams can add members one by one as needed. Education discounts are available, and you can also move your license to teams as your need to collaborate grows.

The features behind Sketch allow users to collaborate together faster with the ability to share files, workspaces and ideas quickly to work together or get feedback.

Three standout features of Sketch include:

Design Basics

Every design starts with the basics. Sketch was developed from the ground up to offer a robust design option that can go from the beginner to the advanced user. The platform includes numerous basic options:

Sketch starts with these basics and moves into a variety of other design-focused features:

Once you’re fully accustomed to the design basics, it’s time to move into the components and design systems provided. These systems will allow you greater control over the designs that you create.

Components and Design Systems

When creating more advanced designs, you’ll find components and design systems in place that add power to your design creation. There are four main feature categories that work with these systems:

Components and design systems provide the power teams need to collaborate faster and more efficiently.

Prototyping and Collaboration

Sketch wants to make the entire prototyping and collaboration process as easy as possible. The team behind Sketch makes it easy to test out your ideas and get feedback in just a few rapid clicks.

The prototyping and collaboration category offers several powerful features, including:

You'll also find a mirror feature that allows you to work on an iOS device without having to write any code.

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