Sharpspring is a marketing automation tool which helps marketers to automate workflows, drive more leads and convert them into sales.

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+ Costs vs features

+ Great for agencies

+ UX is easy to navigate


- Training and certification is a little chunky

- Not much else reported. Let us know


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Product description SharpSpring

SharpSpring helps marketers to automate workflows, drive me leads and get those converted to sales. It is a complete sales & marketing platform and a lot less pricy than other marketing automation tools on the market. What do they offer?

Smart marketing automation tools for email
Create personalized messages and automated campaigns that respond to user behaviour. Track behaviour also after the click to get great insights.

Create Dynamic & landing pages forms and convert more leads
Autocomplete fields for know visitors to improve conversion in the forms, which you can easily create using the drag-and-drop editor.

Detect key leads
Setup buyer persona's and buying cycles to identify the hot leads and where they are in their journey. Receive a list of the hottest leads in your inbox or see within the dashboard.

Identify leads with a unique visitor ID
Use behavioral-based tracking to understand what the motivation is behind each click. Identify pain points and successful strategies to keep optimizing your website.

Build in 3rd party CRM integrations
Integrate your CRM to keep track of the deals within SharpSpring. Create custom deals and always stay up to date using the two-way synchronization

A lot more! Check out the website of SharpSpring

SharpSpring is typically a fraction of the cost of other marketing automation alternatives.

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