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+ SEO is for long term traffic

+ Increase the quantity & quality of your traffic

+ SEO is Free (except for time spend)


- Can be very time consuming

- SEO keeps changing all the time

- You will need new content all the time to stay on top


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Free and paid SEO courses

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is basically; increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results on of search engines like Google. What is quality website traffic? They are visitors who are not just randomly visiting your website, they actually searched for something you have on your website. So there is a real interest. If you can nail the quality part it is time for the quantity of your website visitors. The more people searching for something and landing on your site the better. With SEO you can make sure more people will find your site when searching within a Search Engine.

SEO isn't easy as can be very time consuming. That is why it is good to make sure you know what you are doing before really diving into it. Following an SEO course online and getting a certification will help you in the long run. There are lots of free seo courses online who can help you to dive into all aspects of SEO. They will dive into keyword research, long term SEO strategy and much more.

It sounds is easy but SEO is a complex set of methodologies and techniques designed to make sure the content you create is fine-tuned and will score high in the world of Google. The king of the Search Engines. They are always releasing new algorithms, guidelines and rules so you will always have to keep yourself updated along the way. Changing your approach to adapt to the new Google guidelines is a must do if you want to stay on top.

This is why we recommend to keep updated either via Linkedin groups, Facebook groups or online courses as it keeps changing. SEO will always stays important as it can help companies to get more visibility long term without spending anything on ads. It is a good investment if done properly and can have a great ROI.

See here links to some of the course we found online:

Free Hubspot SEO Lesson

Free Hubspot Google SEO Lesson

Free Hubspot Link building course

Free SEO course for Beginners from Yoast

SEO training course by Moz

Free Yoast SEO training for Wordpress

ContentKing Academy

SemRush Academy

Other Courses:

Hubspot Sales Enablement

Creating a buying persona

Course Inbound Sales

Email Marketing Course

Content Marketing Course

Semrush Webinars

Must read blogs for SEO:

SEO Basics by Yoast

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