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A must-have SEO tool when you have WordPress website. Get insights into all the aspects of SEO easily and for Free with RankMath. Go check it out!

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+ Completely Free Wordpress plugin
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RankMath is the best Free SEO tool on the market which will help you grow
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Tool FAQ

What is Rank Math?

Is Rank Math free?

Yes, and its wonderful news! The Wordpress Rank Math extension has a free version that includes a lot of features that help websites to improve their display in search engines, among others, it allows to optimize live images, automatic Google keyword suggestion, control redirects and 404 errors, configure metadata, etc.

What does Rank Math integrate with?

Rank Math can integrate with popular platforms such as Twitter, Bing, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Youtube, Gorjeo, Instagram, among others. It also offers integration with the Wordpress website builders Elementor, Google Web Master tools, and Google Trends that helps to know what are the search trends of users, etc.

Is Rank Math any good?

According to wordpress.org website, Rank Math is the best SEO plugin for Wordpress today and the one that offers the most features. With Rank Math you can perform advanced SEO analysis, simultaneously edit large amount of titles and descriptions, improve local SEO, quickly add images with title tags and ALT tags, and more.

Is Rank Math better than Yoast?

Both plug-ins are powerful tools to help WordPress sites improve their position in search engines. However, you can see that one of the advantages that Rank Math has over Yoast is that its free version includes more features than Yoast's free plan. For example, with Rank Math you can use 5 keywords per content, while with Yoast you can use only one.

How much does Rank Math cost?

The SEO Rank Math add-on offers a free plan with an attractive amount of features. It also has paid plans as follows: 1. PRO plan for $ 59.00 ideal for Individuals or Solopreneurs and, 2. BUSINESS plan $ 199.00 oriented to business, agency owners, and freelancers. The cost of each plan is equivalent to one year (taxes not included).

Rank Math Features

Rank Math is a powerful, free WordPress plugin aimed at simplifying SEO. The plugin offers a suite of SEO tools that can be accessed and used right from the WordPress platform.

The plugin has been recommended by some of the top SEOs in the industry, including HubSpot, Moz, ahrefs, SEMRush and even WordPress.

Rank Math has a multitude of features, but three of the most important include:

Schema Support

Rank Math has extensive schema support, including:

Schema types can be added to posts with a single click and increase the chances of having your content displayed as a snippet or rich card.

SEO Analysis

Rank Math’s WordPress plugin offers site-wide SEO analysis that’s lightning fast. Rank Math will give your site an overall score. You will also see how many tests your site passed and failed as well as how many warnings it found.

These tests include:

Basic SEO

Checks for the basics. If you fail these tests, there are serious issues with your site that you need to resolve as quickly as possible. These tests will look at:

The goal is to pass all of these tests to ensure that you have a good foundation for your site.

Advanced SEO

The Advanced SEO analysis will look at:


Rank Math will check to see how quickly your site loads, which is now an important factor in SEO.

Along with checking the speed of your site, the plugin will also suggest ways to improve your load speed, including:


Today, security is a crucial component of any successful website. Rank Math will perform several security tests, including:

Social SEO

Social media has become an integral part of today’s society. Rank Math’s SEO analysis tool will check to make sure that you are active on social media platforms, including:

Focus Keyword and Content Analysis

Your site’s content and keywords play a significant role in your SEO efforts and are the lifeblood of on-page SEO.

Rank Math’s WordPress plugin will analyze your posts and find keyword opportunities to help you drive more traffic to your site.

Optimization and content analysis tools allow you to create highly optimized content that drives traffic and improves rankings. The tool will give you recommendations on how to improve your content, and it does it all right from WordPress.

Just create a post, enter your focus keyword, and Rank Math will take care of the rest. You can choose up to five focus keywords for each post. The analysis tool will score your post.

There are four categories posts are scored on:

After running each test, the plugin will give you a score and even tell you how many errors it found, so you can take actionable steps to improve your content. The goal is to achieve a perfect score.

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