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Proof Features

The modern consumer is a demanding one. Online retail and e-commerce have become a powerful medium in the 21st century, and marketing is a key element in any business’s success. Even if your business is not online you will have a website, and that is – for many people – the first port of call. A website is among the most powerful marketing tools of all, yet most businesses don’t use them to their full potential.

There was a time when setting up a website was enough, and that was it. Now, there is much more required if you want to make your business the one that stands out. Search Engine Optimization is an important element to get your website high in the Google rankings, but the consumer wants more. What they are looking for is more of an experience than a simple transaction, and they want to be treated personally.

How do you ensure your customers get what they want? Proof is a tool that is designed to help personalize a website for each viewer and has been shown to increase conversions for many businesses who already use it. Let’s have a look at how proof works and talk about a few of its features.

How Proof Works

There are many tools on the market that offer similar to Proof, so why does this one stand out? Proof allows you to adapt your website for different sets of users. It does so without the need for coding ability or experience, which is a major bonus. You can alter the text, images, and other elements of your site to suit particular viewers, and it can be done very quickly using templates that are carefully designed to suit.

Proof uses various aspects of a visitor’s make-up to decide on their personalized journey. For example, you could show a different landing page for a new customer to that seen by a repeat client. You can personalize by industry type, business size, where they are in the buying journey and more, all by use of simple forms that anyone can work with. The analytics tool that is part of the Proof package does a lot of the work for you.

Proof splits its functions into two distinct sections – Experiences and Pulse – so let’s have a closer look at each of these.

Proof Experiences

Experiences encompasses the features as described above, in which you can personalize a website to suit your viewer’s traits. Regular customers, for example, don’t need to see an introductory page as they know what they are looking for, while fresh leads can be given a page that invites them to look further or introduces them to the products or services you offer.

Experiences can be tailored in many ways – we covered the important areas above – yet it is in the analytics that this feature of Proof comes into its own. Being able to follow the customer journey means you can tailor your site and personalize it further, and many businesses that use Proof have reported increased lead conversions as a result.

Also included in Experiences are a wider variety of cleverly designed templates suitable for many different businesses, as well as the editor that needs no coding experience.


The Pulse element of Proof is about building Social Proof, a factor often overlooked but one that is important to the modern consumer. Social media plays a big part in engendering brand loyalty, so if you can show your viewers you have credibility in that area, you will increase your leads.

Pulse does this by offering you the ability to display recent transaction counts on your website and provide information with ‘Live Visitor Count’ – which is self-explanatory – and the feature known as ‘Hot Streaks’. This is especially interesting as it shows the numbers of people who have recently taken action on your site, and consumers like sites that are popular and well attended. What do we think of Proof overall?


Proof attends to two of the most problematic and often-overlooked areas of online marketing – personalization and social proof. It does so using well-designed features and tools – we appreciate the no coding required aspect as most users will – and the templates supplied are impressive.

The price brackets for Proof are based on a sliding scale of unique visitors per month and are very reasonable, and there are many resources included such as a course on personalization which will come in useful. All in all, Proof is an interesting package that will help businesses of all kinds get to grips with the requirements of the modern consumer and has been proven to help boost lead generation.

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