If you care about SEO then checking a PrepostSEO is a good idea. They offer more than 195 tools (most of them are free) to improve your SEO.

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Plagiarism checker to make sure your SEO is going to be great
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Tool FAQ

What is PrePostSEO?

Is PrePostSEO accurate?

Yes, PrePostSeo can be considered a reliable tool for many reasons; the plagiarism checker does its duty by comparing the user’s content whit the billion of pages in the web, and not only that. It also inspects YouTube videos descriptions as well as social media posts descriptions to make sure that the content is original.

How can I tell if a text is plagiarized?

Plagiarism is explained as claiming other’s work as your own. This counts with both published and unpublished material, and whether is a manuscript printed or in digital form, it is still considered plagiarism with or without the original author’s consent. In the web are hundreds of tools and pages to identify plagiarism.

How to write plagiarism free content?

To ensure that the content a marketer is writing is not accidentally identified as plagiarism, there are some easy tips or steps to follow: paraphrasing works but it is much better if it mixed with the writer’s original ideas. Also credit the original author of any quotes being referenced and using plagiarism checker tools.

What are the PrePostSEO features?

PrePostSeo counts with so many features that they are classified by different categories. Some of them are Domain tools, SEO tools, programing tools, writing and education, and more. The most popular ones are probably the SEO ones like the plagiarism checker, the paraphrasing tool, and the domain authority checker.

Is article rewriting legal?

The short answer is yes. The law does not punish the rewriting of other author’s material as long as it does not infringe on the copyright norms. For doing this there are a lot of tools and pages on the web. It can also be done manually.

Prepostseo is one of the popular websites for providing content and SEO-based tools. This website is offering more than 195 tools for different purposes while most of them are free to use.

There are some restrictions on some of the tools which can be unlocked through buying the affordable premium plans.

One of the biggest advantages of this brand is that it offers its tools for multiple devices including:

This way, you can utilize it wherever you want. Now, let’s have a look at some of the tools of this website:


The online tools of Prepostseo are quite popular for making and analyzing your content for SEO and publishing. There are different categories of tools and some of the categories are written below:

Here is the review of their popular tools:

Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism checker is one of the most important tools for writers, web owners, marketers, and in education. This is because the search engine and all other platforms never accept the content that is being copied.

This plagiarism checker is one of the most efficient tools because of its deep search. The user interface is very amazing at this tool because you don’t need to feel complexity while using it.

The plagiarism checker is free to use but with the restriction of 1000 words per search but through buying the premium plans, this tool can be used for unlimited times.

The plagiarism checker features a deep search that compares your data with the billion’s pages over the internet.

Not only this, but this tool also checks the description of YouTube as well as Social media post’s description for finding the plagiarized content.

Not only has the ratio of the plagiarized content, but this tool also told the paraphrased content. This means if your content is spun then this tool will indicate that.

Some of its additional features are discussed below:

Paraphrasing Tool

The paraphrasing tool is another popular tool that is usually used by web owners when they find plagiarized content or weak sentences in their content.

The paraphrasing tool helps to make your content effective and unique.

It works by replacing these words with the most appropriate synonyms.

The biggest advantage of using Prepostseo’s paraphrasing tool is that it maintains the meaning of the content while changing most of the words and sentences.

This way, the actual concept of the author would remain the same.

This tool offers three different features for paraphrasing your content including Simple, advanced, and Beta version.

The simple version automatically changes the words with their synonyms.

The advance option would give some suggestions and upon clicking the word would be replaced.

The beta, which is a new feature, would not only change the word by the synonym but also change the sentence structure.

The paraphrasing tool is free to use but for better access, you should go for buying the premium plans.

Domain Authority Checker

The domain authority checker is another of their popular tools that work with the premium API of Moz.

This tool is efficient because this not only finds the domain authority but along with it, it finds the page authority, IP address, as well as spam score of the websites.

This tool is popular because it can provide the bulk and raw checking of the domain. Through the bulk URL options, you can check the domain score for up to 500 URLs over a single click.

Through Raw URLs, you can paste any format of content to check the domain authority of the domain. Whether you can copy or you are writing, the raw option can help to extract the URLs automatically.

Checking the domain authority of a website is very important because for getting the backlinks or posting a guest post, DA is considered first.

This tool can let you check for free without registration while it just takes moment to tell the domain authority of the websites with a single click.

Random credit card generator

If you are addicted to games over the internet then you might know the importance of having a credit card that doesn’t have money in it.

The games usually have to try some trials that require the credit card information but don’t deduct the money from it. In this regard, you can use the random credit card generator.

This website is offering the best random credit card generator that can produce random information for the card within seconds.

Some of the features are discussed below:

Online Text Editors

The online text editors are very beneficial for bloggers and digital marketers because there come many situations where you have to edit the blog posts instantly.

Online text editors are tools just like Microsoft Word which allows you to modify the headings and other things.

The online text editors would provide you friendly interface for editing any type of content instantly.

The online text editor of Prepostseo provides the option of uploading the file directly to the text editor for editing.

Random Address Generator

The random address generator tool of this website helps to generate the random address information for different countries along with the name and phone number.

This helps different persons to secure their original details instead use a fake address that doesn’t matter importantly.

The Random address generator of this website is capable of generating multiple addresses with a click. It’s a free tool that generates the address free of costs and you can easily generate the address without any restrictions.

For starting, you need to select the country for which you are looking at the address and it would automatically generate the address that would work.


Majority of the tools on this website if free of cost but some of the tools like plagiarism checker is restricted to 1000 words per search.

However, the premium plans are not much expensive as compared to other plagiarism checkers.

The pricing plan starts from $10/month for the basic account while it goes to $45/month for the enterprises or company. There is another account named standard which costs $20/month.  

The enterprise account gives you the limit of 75,000 queries while it allows the word limit of 25,000 in a single search.


Prepostseo is a great website for students and webmasters. With the free tools, it helps to make your website optimized like making your content free of plagiarized.

If you want the tools for unlimited use then you should consider buying the premium plans which is affordable but beneficial for you.

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