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Tool FAQ

What is Nailted?

How much does Nailted cost?

Nailted has a free forever plan with unlimited seats and access to all of its modules. Additionally, there is a Pro plan for $ 4.00 per user per month, which incorporates advanced features, and the Enterprise plan, with the features of the previous plans plus dedicated technical support and customized solutions (request quote for cost).

What are the features of Nailted?

Among the features of Nailted we can observe: it has functions to analyze and improve KPIs and dashboards in real time, automates human resources processes, has an applause recognition system that motivates and helps improve the work environment, includes a module to have 1:1 meetings that incorporates managers to help create more effective teams, others.

What are some Nailted alternatives?

Nailted is one the most popular human resources platform because of its effective and various tools, its data performance and easy to use interface. Before choosing, it is good to consider the alternatives and features available in the market. Some of the most relevant are Trello, Officevibe, Monitask, and Asana.

Why use Employee Engagement Software?

An important part of the success of companies lies in human capital. That is why among the strategies that have been created to help increase employee satisfaction and commitment to the organization is the Employee Engagement Software, which is an automated way to improve communication, increase productivity, retain talented employees, decrease the attrition rate, among others.

What are the key elements of employee engagement?

The key elements of employee engagement are: 1.Validation: means to recognize the human value of employees, 2. Recognition: is to praise the behavior or conduct of employees on a frequent and consistent basis, 3. In an organization these three elements should be used to strategically improve the performance and accountability of team members.

Nailted Review 2021

In many businesses the problem is not with the product, which may be excellent and recognized. Instead, it’s with the workforce. Much of a person’s job can be tedious, although necessary, and it is understandable that lack of motivation comes into the picture. It can be difficult to put a finger on the problem and find a way to increase motivation. That’s what Nailted is all about. What is Nailted, how does it work and what can it do for you? Read on for more information.

What is Nailted?

Nailted is an HR tool that has been created to help businesses create a culture that its employees want to be a part of. It does so by providing the tools to help managers and the HR team ensure employees at all levels feel included, supported and appreciated. By way of constant reviews on a weekly basis plus reward and attention, it has been used by many thousands of businesses to improve performance. The Nailted tool is split into three different product sections: People Analytics, Recognition and One on One Meetings. 

People Analytics

The Nailted People Analytics product is an interesting feature that keeps managers up to date with how their people are performing. By taking data from a variety of sources – all automated and in real time – the People Analytics tool can recognise three different types of operator: Promoters, Passives and Detractors. This is done by simple pulse surveys and also by meetings and allows for better organisation of teams by the management.

Nailted creates a ‘Team Mood Map’ that shows in clear images the state of play with each team. This can be used to analyse and determine where work is needed to bring a team to order, to reorganize a team, or to attend to individuals who are clearly not operating to potential. The data covers individuals as well as teams and can be in-depth, and where needed the Nailted tool can be used to improve motivation. This is done on an individual and team basis by regular feedback loops that are continual.

Many smaller and medium sized businesses have found Nailted gives them greater insight into how to build and operate teams and how to integrate people more effectively. It can also help move detractors and passives towards the promoters level.


Recognition is important and Nailted can help here, too. It’s all too easy to overlook the contribution of employees in what are considered lower-level positions that are as vital to the operation as the top managers. The Nailted Recognition function uses many methods including one they have labelled ‘Claps’. This can be thought of as being similar to ‘Likes’ on social platforms, for example.

It works as follows: on the final working day of the week employees are given 100 claps they can send to their colleagues. The combination of fun and promotion is an aid to recognition. Claps are collected by the Nailted tool and then sorted and released on the first working day of the next week. Messages are sent with claps, perhaps thanks for one employee helping another with a problem or performing above and beyond their role, and the effect is a positive pack of messages awaiting employees when they start the new week.

Claps are private and managers can also ensure their team members get recognition by sending data determined by claps highlighting where an employee has been recognised and why. It’s a simple yet effective motivational tool.

One on One Meetings

A simple dashboard organizer enables managers to plan 1:1 meetings with all employees in their team effectively and accurately. This makes sure that every employee is given one on one attention and recognition. Meetings may be used to encourage the individual and take on board any problems they may be experiencing. The positive element of a 1:1 meeting is vital, and the organization features of Nailted can be used to keep things in order.


Nailted is a clever tool that deals with a problem that is rife: that of the attitude of dissatisfied employees. All the features of this simple yet very usable tool will be appreciated once you start using them, and it is a great way of ensuring you have the right personnel on each team. There is a free version that offers the basics of the package which will be perfect for smaller businesses, a Pro package at €3.33 per user per month, and an advanced version for larger enterprises for which a custom package is designed and priced individually. 

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