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Tool FAQ

What is Monday?

How much does Monday cost? offers a free plan with no time limit for no more than 2 team members. Basic $ 8.00 seat/month, 2.Standard $ 10.00 seat /month and, 3. Pro $ 16.00 seat /month or, you can opt for the Enterprise plan, which is a customized solution including support, security and enterprise control.

How do I use Monday?

To start using, you just need to create an account on their website, customize the platform according to your needs and invite your team members by email or a link. This platform has 4 parts: 1. Customizable Boards (you can do it by products, projects, departments, etc.), 2. Columns (Demographic, Functional, etc,) 3. Views. 4. Dashboards.

What is Mondaydotcom good for?

Using has many advantages. Apart from the possibility of managing the entire workflow in one place without changing screen or application, it is an open platform where you can create any tool according to your needs. Its visual and intuitive interface makes it faster to review tasks or projects and can be used by small, medium or large companies.

What integrates with Mondaydotcom?

A large number of tools can be connected to Monday com, including: Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Excel, Gmail, LinkedIn, Google Drive, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. It also integrates with Zapier, which is an online platform that has more than 3,000 apps with which users can connect data from other apps automatically.

What are the features of Mondaydotcom?

The Monday work operating system has the following features: 1. Visual dashboards (main, shared, hidden) and columns (people, timelines, status) to easily and quickly manage tasks. 2. Checklists to divide tasks into subtasks. 3. Integration with multiple third party tools. 4. Automation of tasks and actions to get results faster.


Monday is a work management tool that is designed to handle a wide variety of actions such as managing remote teams, automating workflows, tracking progress and more. It works by way of ‘boards’ which are set up for each individual, and whereby progress can be seen at a glance.

Popular in the remote working industry, Monday has a variety of functions that make it a versatile and useful tool for everyone from agencies to businesses of all sizes, and it is proven and effective. It can be used not only for project management but also for marketing purposes, for HR handling and much more. The Monday concept uses four main components, these being:

We will look at each of these below. Pricing for Monday is by ‘seats’ – referring to the number of users involved – and by the four different levels of functions which are Basic, Standard, Pro and Enterprise. A minimum of 3 seats is the starting point, and there is no maximum number of users. We will outline the pricing in the appropriate section. Let’s talk about the four main features.


Boards are the essence of the Monday platform. In effect, boards are worksheets designed to be accessible to those in a need to know position. Boards are easy to create and can display a variety of information. A board can be thought of as a ‘to do’ list in more detail. They can include details of everyday work – your usual admin – plus projects that need assigning or have been assigned and are fully customizable for use tracking workflow and projects, as well as diary entries.

Automated Workflows

One of the most appealing of the functions on Monday is the ability to automate a workflow. By inputting all the stages of a project on a board the chances or human error are reduced. The system uses certain triggers to give notifications when a milestone has been reached or ownership needs to change – say, from a content creator to a publisher – ensuring a smooth workflow and minimum necessary human interaction. By placing due dates in the workflow, pre-notification of approaching deadlines can also be triggered, as well as many other features within this useful function.

Workload Management

The Monday at a glance workload analysis function allows for the manager or allocated person to see the overall picture. It shows the amount of work an individual or team has on at any given time, how much space they have available, and where they are regarding progress with current projects. This function prevents over-burdening of team members and enables adjustments to be made and work reallocated where needed, so as not to miss deadlines.


A welcome factor with Monday is that it can integrate seamlessly with many of the popular platforms and software packages. Users can bring up to 50 integrations into the Monday package so that data is available for viewing in a central hub. This time-saving device eliminates the need to jump from platform to platform.

In addition to the above, Monday also allows users to develop their own apps, which can be very useful for events and conferences, as well as for enhancing communication channels and client interaction. Available for use as a desktop or mobile version, Monday is among the more popular work management tools of the moment.

Pricing Levels

We mentioned the pricing levels above in brief, so here’s more detail about each:

Basic – providing one dashboard, the basic forms and features and allowing for unlimited free viewers, the Basic version of Monday may be of use to small companies with few staff and only basic projects to handle. Price is $7 per month per seat, with a minimum of 3 seats (so $21 per month standard).

Standard – the most popular choice, the Standard level is aimed at single team users with more complex workloads to visualise and comes with all the basic features plus advance searches, automations and 3 dashboards. Price is $9 per month per seat or user.

Pro – for businesses with multiple teams the Pro version offers a comprehensive set of functions suitable for handling the most complex workloads at $14 per seat monthly.

Executive - this level will enable the client to devise a bespoke package tailored to their needs in functions and price.


Monday is a popular work management tool that offers a variety of useful features at sensible prices, and the Pro version should be enough for any business with the Standard level package ideal for small to medium businesses looking to add more efficiency to their workflow.

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