MixMax helps you to set up automation, email sequences, reminders and a lot more with MixMax. One of our favourite tools for small businesses.

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Up and downsides


+ Easy to use

+ Lives in your Gmail

+ Reliable tracking and great features


- Some issues have been reported emails landing in spam

- No free plan


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Product Description MixMax

Boost your productivity in Gmail using MixMax. Want to have a tool which will live within your Gmail and will help you to increase the number of meetings booked? Look no further.. MixMax will help you do this in an automated but personalized way if set up correctly.

See here all Features of MixMax:

Automate your routine tasks around your sales processes. Send a prospect a Linkedin invite when they look at your email and follow up with another email for example. With the MixMax ruling and the integrations, they offer you are able to have more touchpoints in a shorter amount of time.

Track email opens & follow up reminders
Get to know when your email is opened and by who, what time and on what device. No response? Create follow up reminders, this way you will never forget to follow up on a prospect on the right time.

One-click scheduling
Make it easy for your customers and prospects to book a meeting with you. Have them to book a meeting with you right from the email, no more back and forth which will save you both a lot of time.

Email sequences & Templates
Create personalized email sequences at scale to nurture your prospects. Use either the templates you have built or start drafting new emails with their powerful merge fields.

Recommend send times
Send emails to your recipient when they are most active, this way you will increase your open rate.

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