Find and Verify anyone's email for free in seconds using, up to 99% accuracy. Decrease your bounces and find new emails easily for prospects.

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Tool FAQ

What is SalesBlink?

How much does the SalesBlink platform cost?

SalesBlink does not count with a free plan, but offers a free trial of seven days. Its actual pricing starts at $ 99.00 per feature and per month with unlimited prospecting cards, unlimited outreach recipients and unlimited users. It also offers another plan with almost the same features but billed annually by $ 890.00.

What are the features of the SalesBlink?

To help brands increase their leads, SalesBlink offers a wide range of features, but the leading ones are probably Email finder, Leads by Company, that helps searching for leads but with the company name, and Leads by Website, which helps finding information about who works for certain company or who owns certain website.

Can SalesBlink be integrated with other applications?

According to the website itself, SalesBlink integrates with more than 2000 applications (Active campaigning, ClickFunnels, Typeform, Calendly, Stripe, Youtube, Asana, Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, Gravity Forms, Shopify, Webflow, Squarespace, JotForm, Dropbox, Kajabi, Twilio, Google Docs) via Zapier.

What services does SalesBlink offer?

The tool offers services to find an email on social networks, by discovering email addresses of people by their company name or by domain, make requests from social networks with personalized messages in an automated way, send bulk emails to lists of candidates and study the click-through rate and open.

What are the alternatives to SalesBlink?

Among the most popular alternatives to SalesBlink are: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, Marketing 360, Sendinblue, Intercom, Pardot, Freshworks CRM, Bitrix24, Campaing Monitor, Agile CRM, Campaigner, Act-on, Zoho Campaigns, and SALESmanago Marketing Automation. Features is a platform that is designed to help you get your next lead. This platform has helped companies find over 289 million leads, and this number continues to rise. You'll be able to find leads using a variety of different techniques, including email.

Give a try with 100 free leads immediately, and you can also book a demo.

The tool‘s leading features include:

Email Finder

Email is the leading way people use this platform. You'll be able to take advantage of an unlimited bulk email finder that allows you to find as many leads as your company requires.

You can find a single email by name or website, or you can upload a CSV file and find emails.

Search for unlimited emails per month for one fixed price,

But Email Finder is just one of the email tools available. You’ll also be able to use tools such as:

LinkedIn Leads will allow you to:

Leads can be generated and then added into your email campaign. You can choose to bulk email the leads, or you can choose to mail each lead one by one. If you choose to email each lead one by one, you must add in personalization and customization to increase your chance of the lead responding to your email.

Email Finder provides you with all the tools you need to get started on a strong, well-balanced email campaign.

Leads by Company allows you to search for leads by using just the company name. Just enter the company name and click search. You can enter in multiple company names if you wish, and within seconds, you'll find results for leads by company.

Leads are provided in a downloadable CSV file, so you'll be able to see everything about the different leads, including:

You'll be able to import a list into your favorite email marketing platform to begin sending out mails immediately. Variables are also included, such as first name, so that you can truly customize each email.

If you don’t have a company in mind, you can use the find companies function to learn about companies in your target market. You can use find companies using filters so that only companies that match your criteria are provided. Find companies by:

The list will also include emails and phone numbers of employees when finding company leads. When you have all contact information available, you can choose the best form of contact to improve conversion rates.

Leads by Website

Website leads are great if you want to find information about who owns a certain website or who works for a company that owns a certain website. You can use the leads by website function to find:

There is also a website extractor tool that can help you find email, phone and social media information from a list of different websites. If you have a bunch of websites that you are interested in contacting or potentially marketing to, this is a great opportunity to find more information about them.

You can also do a reverse search and find domains that are related to a certain company name.

If you want to find daily domain leads, you can find information on all daily register domains, so you could contact companies that are new and may want to use your service or product. is a unique platform because it allows you to add team members to your account. There is no charge per user, so all you have to do is pay for one subscription and the platform will work for your entire team.

If you do sign up for this platform and you do not like it, there is a 10-day no-questions-asked refund policy that will allow you to recuperate your money. There's also a 7-day trial so that you can try the platform yourself. does offer a personalized demo so that you can see exactly how this product will work for you and your company.

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