Livestorm is a complete webinar software tool which will make sure they go smoothly. Keep track of registrants, attendees and interact with all of them.

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+ Guests don't have to download anything
+ Easy to use & free version
+ Replay & Automation options


- You will need to upgrade to paid to get full benefit
- Maybe a bit high pricing for smaller companies


See all your webinar analytics in one overview with LiveStorm
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Tool FAQ

What is Livestorm?

What are the most outstanding features of Livestorm?

Livestorm provides high resolution video streaming and webinar, text chat for participants, shared application view, documents shared via embedded video, upload or iframe, questions and answers for participants, a personalized registration page, polls, replays available for download or streaming, inviting presenters on stage, and support for repeat events.

What is a webinar?

It is a combined word formed from associating the words ‘Web’ and ‘Seminar’ and refers to all forms of interactive seminar-type meetings in video format. Their main characteristic is that they offer participants the possibility of interacting with the instructor or teacher as if they were in the same physical place.

How does Livestorm work?

The operation of Livestorm is based on the use of WebRTC and web sockets which allow real-time interactions and low latency. The video format and its quality are automatically adapted to the user's needs. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

What plans and prices does Livestorm offer?

Livestorm offers three kind of plans, these being the Premium plan, the Enterprise plan and the Free plan. The price offered for the Premium plan is $ 99.00 per month billed annually, if the payment is made monthly the cost is $ 109.00 per month. For the Enterprise plan you have to contact the company. A free plan is offered with certain limitations, and a free trial is also offered.

What are the benefits of using Livestorm?

It allows to carry out different analyzes after the webinar. It offers the possibility of audience segmentation, and native integrations with CRMs and different marketing tools. It enables webinars to be run more efficiently, intelligently, and simply. Live events through Livestorm allow companies to increase sales, content marketing, and customer training.

Product description Livestorm

Want to start hosting webinars? Livestorm is a great tool do so. they offer webinar software so it easy for you to talk one to many. It will help you to train your customers, have internal product demo's or talking about strategy.

Have your guests join via the browser (doesn't matter which one) without downloading any software. The same works for their meeting functions, it even works on mobile.

Once a webinar has started you can get questions, chat with everyone, run polls and see exactly who is logged in. It will give the host the power to get the guests engaged even though they can't say anything. Want someone to say something? Invite them on stage and they are able to co-host the webinar with you.

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