Grow your followers on social media by planning your social media posts. Later works with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter.

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Tool FAQ

How do you use Later?

What is Later?

Later is a social media management app for people who think visually. It helps you to focus on your visual media first, adding text, links, and hashtags later

How can I use Later for free?

To use Later for free you just have to register your account and download the tool. It has a free version with limited features.

Which is better, Planoly or Later?

Both tools have a pretty similiar functionality and performance but the difference is that Planoly offers scheduling content for Instagram and Pinterest, while Later has scheduling for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook

How much is Later per month?

Later has different payment plans that go like this in cost : Starter Pack $ 15.00 per month, Growth Pack $ 25.00 per month and Advanced Pack $ 40.00 per month.

Is Later approved by Instagram?

The Later tool for social media management is part of the Instagram Partner program and approved by Instagram.

Later Features

Later is the leading marketing platform for Instagram, offering a robust suite of tools designed to grow your following, boost engagement and increase conversions.

More than three million brands, agencies and influencers use Later to schedule and manage their Instagram posts.

Three of Later’s top features include:

Post and Story Scheduling

With Later, you can plan and schedule photos, stories, videos and carousel posts with just a few clicks.

Scheduling tools include:

Visual scheduling tools allow you to create and maintain an aesthetic for your Instagram profile. Add your photos to Later’s Visual Planner to see what they’ll look like in your feed. You can even preview your feed and rearrange or change photos to keep your profile on-brand.

Along with your feed posts, you can also plan and schedule your Instagram Stories quickly and easily. Later allows you to storyboard your stories, make edits to match your style and even resize your content to match the stories format. Scheduled posts are sent automatically to your phone when it’s time to post.

Later makes Instagram post scheduling a breeze. View your calendar in weekly or monthly format. See when your audience is most active, and just drag your content into your allotted time slots on the calendar.

The platform has other tools that work synergistically with scheduling features to make account management simple and easy:

Drive traffic right from Instagram using Later’s tool. Add links to your bio and tag products in your posts to boost traffic, leads and sales.

Plus, Later provides you with valuable insights, like page views, clicks and sales from your posts.

With, you can:

Later’s tool provides valuable analytics and insights, so you know exactly how much traffic your posts are generating, which posts are generating revenue (and how much), and how many page views and clicks your posts are receiving.

Lots of big brands use Later’s, including Showtime, USA Today, Swell, Hippeas and The Wall Street Journal.

Instagram Analytics

Later helps you grow your business with Instagram Analytics tools that give you powerful, valuable insights. With analytics data, you can optimize your content, find the best time to post, drive more traffic and boost engagement.

To increase engagement, Later helps you compare your posts to see which ones get the most attention from your followers. The platform will:

One of the most valuable aspects of Later’s Instagram Analytics is being able to optimize your posting times. The timing of your posts is key to getting more likes, views and comments.

The Best Time to Post tool will automatically calculate your top 7 posting times. Location data tells you your top time zones, and you can also see when your target audience is most active on Instagram.

With Later, you can even see how well your stories are performing. Track views and engagement for up to three months. You can even rank your stories by reach, impressions, reply count, completion rate and other metrics. Later provides detailed analytics for all of your stories.

Later offers a free basic account that allows you to create one profile per social platform and 30 posts for each platform each month. The free account gives you an opportunity to try out Later’s service and see if it’s a good fit for your brand. The only thing you can’t do with the free plan is create carousel posts and video posts. A variety of paid plans are available for larger teams and agencies that offer more profile options and higher post limits.

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