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Discover new keywords to rank for with your business. Improve your SEO by checking volume, competition and CPC data per keyword. Free version is available.

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Keyword Tool

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+ Free version to find new keywords

+ Find new keywords easily


- Paid plans are quite expensive

- You will have to go to paid if you want to know more


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Keyword Tool product information

Want to grow your organic traffic? It all start with using they right keywords in the content you have on your site. Having the right keywords can help you to get targeted visitors to your site who are interested in your content, services or products.

Find the best keywords to target

A lot of companies are already using the Google Keyword Planner now a days, which means you have to be more creative to find new keywords. With Keyword Tool you can find highly relevant, precise keywords with low competition.

Hidden keywords in Google Keyword Planner

Google (and other big search engines) offer the Autocomplete; which means they give you examples on what you want to look for. Everyone who searches online, uses this function (if you want to or not). This makes autocomplete a very important source of keywords ideas. Keyword Tool can help you to find great relevant keywords that are often hidden in the Google Keyword Planner.

Overall: Keyword Tool is a great way to get started with keywords in your content. If you are already doing this and want more sophisticated information we would recommend looking at Semrush.

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