Clearbit is the marketing data engine for all of your customer interactions. Understand your customers/prospects and personalize the interactions.

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+ Easy way of getting more data about your prospects
+ Offers multiple integrations for enrichment within your CRM for example


- We are unaware of the service is really GDPR proof
- Data could be old and incorrect
- Could become expensive if you have lots of contacts to enrich


Enrich your leads, signups and prospects information quickly with Clearbit
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Tool FAQ

What is Clearbit?

How much does Clearbit cost?

All the plans and pricing offered are subject to individual terms; plans could be available on a monthly or an annual subscription. This is why it is quite difficult to determine an exact price. Its costs can massively vary between $ 99.00 American dollars per month and $ 20.000 American dollars per year.

Is Clearbit Connect free?

Yes, it is free. Connect is a Google Gmail extension that allows its users to search for contacts based on domain or company name directly from the user’s email. It offers 100 free lookups per month and user. However, there is also a premium service available that allows 1000 searches. This costs $ 6000.00 American dollars per month.

How do I use Clearbit to find emails?

The first step is to install the Gmail extension. Once the extension is ready you can connect the email account and that is basically it. The user can already search for email addresses straight from the inbox. Hit the Clearbit button, add the chosen domain and pick the right email address from the list that appears.

How do I use Clearbit in Gmail?

From the Gmail Compose screen, the user clicks the Connect icon and a new window will appear. The user has to type the company domain there and then the user types a person’s name or title and in that match list that will appear. All the user has to do is click the person they want to email and their email address will appear.

What features does Clearbit have?

The suite of tools of Clearbit is meant to help brands understand their customers, personalize interactions and identify potential prospects. It is Clearbit’s vast collection of data what makes it so powerful and actually effective. This data is always fresh thanks to the use of real time lookups.

Clearbit Features

Clearbit is a marketing data engine that makes it easy to manage customer interactions. Their suite of tools help brands understand their customers, personalize interactions and identify potential prospects.

Clearbit’s vast collection of data is what makes this platform so powerful. Data is always fresh thanks to real-time lookups, and you have the ability to search by attributes for precision targeting.

Trusted by Asana, AdRoll, Intercom, Segment, Notion and other top brands, Clearbit integrates into your existing technology stack, so you can get up and running with little training.

Three of Clearbit’s standout features include:


Clearbit says its B2B advertising tools offer “LinkedIn-level targeting on Facebook.” The platform allows you to target hundreds of millions of businesses on Facebook and Instagram. Clearbit solves the problems B2B brands face when advertising on social networks like Facebook.

The platform offers more than 80 B2B targeting filters, including: industry, title, technology used, company size, email addresses, phone numbers, location, social media and more. With filters, you can find people that match your desired employment role at companies in your target audience.

Clearbit also allows you to retarget valuable traffic by incorporating firmographic data to anonymous site visitors. Retargeting messaging can be personalized to include company size, industry and technology data so that your advertisements are relevant. Personalized messages can help increase conversions.

HubSpot and Salesforce integration allows you to further personalize your messages by status, stage or a custom field.

With Clearbit, B2B brands can harness the power of geo, company and demographic data to create more targeted, higher-converting advertisements.


Clearbit reveals high-value visitors, so you can take action as soon as they land on your site. With Reveal, you can “deanonymize” your traffic to help you understand:

All of this information allows your brand to deliver a more targeted experience for your prospects. Instant firmographic data personalizes the web experience in real-time, and you can personalize chats for your highest-value traffic.

When it looks like an account is showing intent, your sales team will be alerted right away to take advantage of the moment.

Alerts include pertinent data, like which page was visited (pricing, contact, etc.), company size, location, industry, and technology used. From the alert message, your sales team can open their account in Salesforce, or find contacts through Dropbox.


With Clearbit’s Prospector, you can build your pipeline quickly and easily. The platform provides you with access to more than 200 million contacts at more than 20 million companies. This means that you can generate leads when you need them.

Prospector eliminates the hassle and expense of buying outdated lists or searching the web to find leads. With the click of a button, you can generate targeted lead and account lists to save you valuable time.

The problem with buying lists is that they often contain outdated information. It’s not uncommon for people to change job titles or companies regularly.

Clearbit’s data refreshes in real-time, so you will always reach out to the right person at the right company. Their data is sourced from more than 250 private and public sources, and all details are verified to ensure quality and accuracy. Clearbit provides data you can rely on, boasting email deliverability rate of more than 94%.

Prospector is simple and straightforward. Set a few parameters, like employee count, industry or fiscal year end, and Prospector will begin searching through more than 20 million companies to create a list of accounts that fit your criteria.

Prospector allows you to find and target your ideal customers quickly and easily – and without having to leave Clearbit’s platform.

Once you have a list of targeted accounts, Clearbit makes it easy to reach out to the right person. Create a preferred contact persona, including seniority, role or title, and Prospector will provide you with full profiles from their database of more than 200 million contacts.

Clearbit has more than 100 data points to choose from, allowing you to create highly targeted lead lists.

For a seamless experience, Clearbit’s Prospector tool can be used right within Salesforce. Your entire team can search and create new opportunities right from within the tools you already use.

Clearbit has a responsive support team, and paid plans are available for businesses of all sizes. The platform has a wide range of additional tools for growth hacking and for different departments, whether you want tools for marketing, sales or developers.

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