Automate your outbound sales with Growbots. Instead of working on the prospecting part, Growbots will help you to focus on the closing part.

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+ Integrates with your CRM system
+ Scalable way for your sales outreach
+ Great analytics into your campaigns


- High pricing, not for SMB
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Tool FAQ

What is Growbots?

What are the features of Growbots?

Growbots takes cold B2B outreach and makes it easy and time efficient. The interface is super intuitive, the information and contacts on leads is accurate, and the emails that constantly update you about the situation make it so that you can have control and understanding of your outreeach campaigns.

What is the goal of Growbots?

Growbots is designed for small businesses. It is a lead generation tool that assists with campaign management, field-mapping, prospect status monitoring, etc.

What is the pricing for Growbots?

Growbots pricing starts at $ 49.00 per user, per month.

Is Growbots free?

No, Growbots is not free and does not offer a free trial.

What is Growbots used for?

Growbots is Lead Generation Software. Growbots offers the following functionalities: contact import-export, lead capture, lead database, and lead source tracking.

Growbots Features

Prospecting and outreach should be in one place to allow for streamlined outbound sales. Growbots aims to be the only platform you or your team needs to automate the outbound sales process.

Over 2,000 brands are using Growbots, and this figure continues to rise.

You can schedule a demo of the program to learn about the powerful, robust features being offered. If you’re already using Salesforce, the platform can bi-sync so that you or your team:

No mistakes when melding data on two platforms means a better reputation for you. But this is just the start of the features that are offered. The platform’s three main features include:

Automatic Prospecting

Prospecting is time-consuming and tedious, but it’s essential to your business’s growth. When using Growbots, you’ll tap into automatic prospecting using a growing database of over 100 million contacts.

The contact list allows you to access companies that match your profile so that you can begin contacting potential prospects in minutes.

If you have prospects of your own, you can import them into Growbots to keep the entire campaign within one platform. Using analytics, you’ll be able to gain insights into your campaign and prospects like never before.

Growbots collects meaningful data and categorizes it in a way that makes sense for your business. When using the platform, you’ll be able to:

Growbots knows that the data they collect can be obsolete within days. Employees leave companies, job titles change, and email addresses can be updated in seconds. The platform aims for the highest level of accuracy by offering live email verification.

The database is continually updated with high email deliverability.

With live email verification, the bounce rates remain below 10% so that you can be confident that 9 out of 10 emails will reach your prospects. You'll be able to gather a list of prospects quickly so that you can move on to the personalization of your campaign.

Campaign Personalization

Once your prospecting is done, it’s time to move on to setting up your campaign. It's quick and easy to setup a campaign that includes true personalization from start to finish. The campaign personalization options include:

Multiple email accounts can be connected at one time, ensuring that you never hit sending limits. When you need high email deliverability, Growbots will distribute your emails between your accounts to increase deliverability rates.

Campaign Optimizations

Campaigns are simple to start, but the creation of a campaign is just the start of the process. You'll need to optimize your campaign to make changes that can lead to higher conversion rates and revenue.

The optimization tools available include:

Optimization and refinement are going to accelerate your results, and Growbots leads the way with the analytics and data your team needs to reach your revenue goals.

Growbots is a robust platform that aims to help your team eliminate the prospecting process and start working on the process that makes you money: closing. When you’re able to close more deals, expand your team and streamline your campaign, it will lead to your company’s growth.

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