Gmelius is a plugin for Gmail which will help you to get more productive when dealing with a lot of prospects and clients.

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Up and downsides


+ Free plan

+ Works on top of your current tool stack

+ Helps you to automate your work


- Can be a bit 'buggy'

- You will need a Google Account to get started


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What can Gmelius do for you?

Gmelius turns email into a collaborative channel to ensure all your teammates stay in sync while working from their favorite tools, whether it’s Gmail or Slack.

Manage your group emails with shared inboxes

Gmelius makes it easy to collaboratively manage group emails like support@ and sales@ directly from your personal inboxes. Emails can be assigned ticketing-style, making accountability clear to every team member. No more errors or missed opportunities.

Bring clarity to your client and project communications

Gmelius’ Shared Labels let you further organize specific email conversations and keep your team in the loop.

Visualize your projects without leaving your inbox

Whether it's a sales pipeline, a project or your team's workflow - Gmelius’ Trello-like project boards give you clear visibility by transforming your conversations into visual pipelines.

Automate your day-to-day processes

Gmelius’ shareable Sequences let you create rule-based flows to put your tasks on autopilot.

Let your teammates choose where they prefer to work

Some of your team members might prefer to get work done from Gmail, while others might choose Slack. Gmelius makes sure everyone stays in sync no matter of the preferred platform. Your team can now assign emails, add internal notes, set the status of each ticket and even reply to emails not only from Gmail, but also from Slack.

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