Increase your open rates, conversions in calls & meetings when you know how to communicate with someone. Works with your favourite email and social tools.

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See how the personality of a prospect is before you actually talk to them with Crystal
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Tool FAQ

What is Crystal?

What personality tests does Crystal offer?

Crystal Platform offers several types of tests such as Disc (used in all the tools it offers), 16-Personalities (Jung, Myers and Briggs), Enneagram, Big 5, Ideal Career, Core Values, etc. The choice of any of these will depend on the needs, level of depth and the use to which the information will be put.

What is Crystal Knows used for?

The Crystal Knows platform can predict who you are with more than seventy percent accuracy. This tool, used in most of the Fortune 500 companies, allows knowing what the personality of people is and how you can establish an effective communication with them. It has different areas of use, among which Sales, Teams, and Hiring stand out.

What does Crystal integrate with?

Crystal integrates with all major sales and marketing platforms including Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, and can integrate with Slack and the most popular social media platforms. It has a Chrome extension that plugs into LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to analyze the personality of profiles. Additionally, Crystal can be linked to Gmail to help you communicate more effectively.

How does Crystal work?

To analyze people's personalities, Crystal uses AI technology to gather all the public information sources available online about them: what they like, what they do not like, what they share, and how they react. Crystal then classifies them into one of the 64 available profile types and provides insights, models and effective ways to talk to them.

How much does Crystal cost per month?

Crystal offers a quick personal test and free training, as well as paid plans. Monthly prices range from $ 29.00 and up. You can contact their sales team for more information. This personality prediction tool is available in app, on their website, or in slack. The service includes different personality tests such as DISC, 16-Personality, Enneagram, and Big 5.

Crystal Features

A marketing campaign can only be successful if you know and understand your target audience. Crystal helps you understand anyone’s personality. The platform is the leader in personality AI, analyzing millions of data points to identify personalities with precision accuracy.

Crystal is used by brands big and small, including JBarrows, Flywheel, and more. Anyone can try the service for free.

Three of Crystal’s best features include:

Personality Tests

Crystal offers multiple personality tests to help you better understand your target audience. The more you understand your target audience’s behaviors and personalities, the better you can personalize your marketing messages to increase conversions.

Crystal’s personality tests include:


Backed by more than 50 years of research, the DISC personality assessment is what Crystal uses for all of its tools. DISC is an excellent tool for measuring and predicting behaviors.

DISC centers on four factors:

The DISC assessment will tell you more about people’s temperament and communication styles.


Based on the famous Jung, Myers & Briggs personality types, the 16-Personality assessment will give you insight into how your target audience acts and behaves. You’ll learn more about why they do what they do so that you can customize your messages to suit their personalities.

Learn whether your target audience is introverted or extroverted, their communication style, career choices and more.


The Enneagram test can help you understand the motivations of different personality types, so you can better communicate with your leads. There are nine different types of personalities, each giving you insight into:

Big 5

The Big 5 test is based on the belief that everyone has five overarching personality traits, known as O.C.E.A.N.:

The Big 5 helps you learn more about a target’s career choices and communication style to better communicate with your leads.

Personality Predictions

With Crystal, you can identify anyone’s personality quickly and accurately – no need to even ask them to take a personality test. Crystal uses AI personality to predict personalities with precision accuracy from resumes, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Each prediction will tell you:

You can also view personality profiles with Crystals’ app and website, or on Slack.

On average, Crystal’s personality predictions are 80% accurate. How do they predict personalities? By analyzing:

Crystal takes this information and uses it to help you engage in more effective communication, better nurture leads, improve customer relationships and make smarter business decisions.

Crystal’s personality prediction tool can help you:

The Crystal Chrome Extension makes it easy to get your personality predictions without having to leave the page.

Personalized Communication Advice

Crystal provides personalized and situation-specific advice to help you better communicate and be more persuasive.

Communication advice includes:

The recommendations given by Crystal will help you deliver more effective communication to increase conversions and generate more leads.

Crystal can be integrated into Slack for easy communication coaching. Here, you can get situation-specific advice for any target from within a direct message or the Crystal Channel. Advice can be given for calls, emails or meetings.

With communication coaching, you can learn how to communicate in certain scenarios, like:

You can also get advice quickly and easily right from a personality profile using the Chrome Extension. Dropdown menus allow you to choose how you want to communicate with the target (call, email or meeting) and the purpose of your communication to provide precise advice.

Crystal takes communication advice a step further by helping you create Playbooks. A Playbook is a web page that gives you insight into the personalities of a group of people and advice on how to communicate with these individuals for a specific situation. Playbooks can be used to successfully navigate a meeting or to better communicate with a group of people.

Crystal can help you better understand your clients, employees, leads and customers. It’s free to get started, and a basic account will give you access to personality tests. Premium tiers are available that give you more tools, insights and other ways to take advantage of Crystal’s personality AI.

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