Contribute to social and environmental projects with donating 1% of your advertising budget. Earn "The Ad for Good" label.

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+ Do something good for the world
+ Donate only 1% to projects which have your interest
+ Great way to give back


Give back when you are spending money on ads
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Boon.Today Features

Boon.Today helps brands advertise with a purpose. Through their platform, users can contribute to social and environmental projects dedicated to making the world a better place. Their Ad For Good label collects 1% of media advertising budgets and donates it to social and environmental projects. Users can choose the projects they want to contribute to, and the platform is easy to integrate into any advertising campaign.

Today’s consumers expect brands to be socially and environmentally conscious. The Ad For Good label helps demonstrate your commitment to giving back.

Boon.Today has won several awards, including Best Startup from VIVA Technology in 2018 and 2019, and the 2018 1st Phase Seal of Excellence award from the European Commission. Groupe Marie Claire recently joined the network to do their part in giving back.

Boon.Today aims to help advertising shift to a more sustainable model. Although the platform is simple and only has one function, there are three key features that stand out:

Ads For Good Label

With Boon.Today, your ads can be automatically be given the Ad For Good label (if approved). The Ad For Good label means that you’re giving back at least 1% of your media budget to a selected cause. You choose the cause, so you can focus on projects that you are passionate about or that align with your brand’s vision.

When customers see the Ad For Good label on your ads, they know that you’re contributing to causes that keep our planet and its people safe. Today’s consumers want brands to be more socially and environmentally conscious.

Any time consumers are exposed to a digital advertisement with the Ad For Good label, you are are rewarded with a digital currency called Boon, which is automatically added to your Boon.Today wallet. Boon can be redeemed to make donations to your preferred social organizations.

Each online interaction adds to your brand’s micro-donations to your selected project.

With Boon.Today, you can engage with purpose and give back to important causes. There are hundreds of environmental and social projects that can be funded with the help of your ad campaigns.

The platform makes it easy to connect your advertisements to NGOs that are seeking funding.

If you’re not sure which cause to support, don’t worry. You can view a list of all possible projects and find one to support with the click of a button.

The Ad For Good label was created in 2018, and it’s the first label of its kind for social and environmental impact.

Online and Offline Campaigns

With tracking technology, it’s easy to make Boon.Today work for online advertising campaigns, but the company's advanced technology allows you to go beyond digital marketing to give back to causes.

Boon.Today can be applied to any online or offline advertising campaign, including:

No matter where your ads go, Boon.Today can follow. Whether you’re at a trade show or placing an ad in a magazine, you can ensure that your advertisements are helping to fund a worthy project.

Boon.Today’s micro-donation technology makes this all possible.

Seamless Integration

Boon.Today integrates seamlessly into your campaigns and allows for easy end user engagement. No apps, downloads or registrations are required.

With seamless integration, this means that you can start contributing to causes without having to jump through hoops. This also means that more of your marketing budget is going to a worthy cause. People viewing your advertisements don’t have to do anything special either.

Boon.Today’s Ad For Good label can be added to your advertising campaign quickly and easily, so you can start contributing micro-donations today.

To get started with Boon.Today, you just schedule a meeting with their team to demo their service. Expect to spend about 45 minutes on the meeting. During this time, you will have the chance to ask questions and learn more about how to get started with the service.

Boon.Today is a platform that can help your brand give back and contribute to projects that are bettering the world. The platform’s micro-donation technology makes it easy to integrate their service into your advertising campaigns, both online and offline. Committing 1% of your advertising budget to worthy causes is a small price to pay to do your part and demonstrate to your audience that you value the community.

The Ad for Good label is not guaranteed to everyone who is interested in Boon.Today’s service, but if your brand is approved, all of your advertisements will automatically receive this label.

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