Aircall Review 2021

A cloud-based call center software which connects to all your current tools. Monitor your team in real-time, get new insights and improve results quickly.

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+ Integrations they have with CRMs
+ New sales insights
+ Great way to record sales calls


- Another tool to use for Sales
- GDPR, recording all calls


Aircall, a modern way to manage your phone system
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Tool FAQ

How much does Aircall cost?

Can you text with Aircall?

Not natively with the Aircall system, but it can be integrated through third-party applications, such as Sakari, Salesmsg, and Textline.

How do I use Aircall?

The application must be downloaded for the web application to be used. After that, you log in with an email and password and the headset and microphone are tested. To make and receive calls, you just have to dial the person's number or select it from a list of contacts (previously imported). Availability options can be configured to receive selected calls. All the functions of a telephone exchange (transferring calls, identifying calls, voicemail) and many more are offered.

What is a VoIP system?

VoIP is a Voice over Internet Protocol aimed at transmitting voice traffic using an internet connection rather than conventional physical telephone lines. It is a cheaper, faster and more adjustable way to make phone calls. A VoIP system uses software or a program through a computer or mobile device to make the best use of this protocol and to be able to make telephone calls around the world.

Is Aircall free?

There is currently no free plan, however there is a 7-day free trial offered.

What is Aircall?

Aircall is a cloud-based, professional telephone exchange system that offers any company the ability to quickly make and have their complete telephony, with numbers around the world (about 40 countries around the world). Aircall also offers full integration with support and / or CRM software.

Aircall review 2021

Telephony has come a long way in a short time and is now firmly in the realm of digital solutions. For businesses of all sizes there are many options when choosing an in-house telephone system. For smaller businesses, a workable telephone system needs to be more than just one whereby you answer and make calls, and when we move up the scale towards bigger commercial users and call centres there is even more requirement for special features.

The following review looks at Aircall which is a popular telephone system with many impressive features that we will describe.

What is Aircall?

Aircall is one of many telephony systems designed for modern business use, and is popular with commercial users in office situations as well as call and contact centres. Like all such systems the basic offering is a telephone system that is integrated with many lines, but there are further features that we shall described next.

Features of Aircall

Aircall has many features including those that are expected from a business telephone system. Let’s look more closely at them.

Basic Features:

The above are the features to be expected from any telephone network system and Aircall is built around these. 

Advanced Features:

Access Features:

Advanced Calling Features:

Further Advanced Features:

Analytics and Routing:

In addition to the above features, Aircall has certain advanced analytics and routing functions that will be of great use to all users, including the following:

The above are most if not all of the special and standard features of Aircall which is a popular and usable telephony system offering additional functions such as data analysis and automated calling features. It is suitable for small to medium businesses and larger enterprises including call centres. Pricing is explained in the final section below.

Pricing and Final Word

Aircall is available in two off the shelf options and the ‘Custom’ version, for which you should contact the Aircall team and discuss the nature and size of your business for a customized price.

The Aircall ‘Essentials’ package offers the main features and is designed for medium sized businesses with a minimum of 3 users. The cost is $30 per user per month, and includes all you could need with an efficient telephone system.

The Aircall ‘Professional’ package includes everything the Essential package offers plus extras such as a dedicated account manager and further advanced features. This package is also for a minimum of 3 users and is $50 per user per month.

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