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Having a website (like this) is crucial in doing business nowadays. It doesn't matter if you are selling to individuals or companies, in both cases a human will have to make a decision to business with you. Something they will always do is; research. Where it used to be talking to others face to face it will now happen online. Quora is a great example of this, where people can ask anything from others.

Build your own Website

No matter if you choose for our services or not, we will show you all the steps you have to consider in building your own website. As it can be a big investment (in time and/or money) we recommend following the steps below.

  1. Decide what the Website needs to do
  2. Choose a website builder or go fully custom
  3. Get Website Hosting and a website domain
  4. Setup SEO plugins (when going for Wordpress)
  5. Pick a design template
  6. Customise the design template
  7. Start adding content

Decide what the website needs to do

If you don't know yet what the website exactly needs to do, the website builder won't either. To give some examples; if you are a bakery you probably want to have a webshop where people can see the different products. Place them in their shopping card and pay for them.

For an IT consultant it can be a 'basic' website where they only provide information about their services.

Divi Theme

If you are looking for well designed, fast and technical great Wordpress themes than Divi is your way to go. When going for a theme you want to make sure it will fit your needs design wise. But more importanty, will it do what you technically want and will it be good for your SEO. The reason why we SEO in this case isn't installing a plugin like YoastSEO as that is possible on every Wordpress site. In this case we are talking about page speed, load time and responsiveness which will be more important in 2021.

When you are looking for more custom work or you need help on customizing your theme. A great way to do this is by using freelancers on Fiverr. This is a 'marketplace' of freelancers which are good at a certain aspect. Before working with a freelancer, make sure you check their reviews and agree to a fixed rate.

Free Wordpress website

It is possible to get a free Wordpress Website via the Free Website Guys. This is not a scam, you can check out the website for more information.

In short; the reason they do it is because it a great way to get in contact with (new) business owners who might need them for bigger and larger projects. They know based on experience that around 18% will hire them for additional projects or recommend them to friends who do. So, a free website could be true. They don't take on everyone though, so submit your project and find out if yours meets their criteria.

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