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What is backlink Building?

It is having other websites link to yours, aka a backlink. There are some different backlink options, which are explained in our SEO glossary. The reason you want to gain backlinks is to tell the search engines your site has good content, as others link to it. It will matter what kind of Domain Authority has; the higher the better.

Link building is a time consuming task, as you don't want to buy link packages as it will hurt your SEO. Best way is to do manual outreach, guest blogging and broken link building.

See here some of the terms you want to know when you are doing backlink building:

Backlink service

With our team we are able to help you to built a natural and relevant backlink profile, on high authority domains. If needed we can do a keyword research before we get started, as that will be the basis to see where you are at that moment.

As it can take a while to see effect we ask for a 6month commitment against a fixed amount of hours per month, all flexible based on the goals you want to achieve. After those 6 months we do expect to see the results requested.

Reach out to us by email to buy our backlink service.

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