White Hat SEO

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is White Hat SEO?

White hat SEO is all about using legitimate website optimization strategies, techniques, and tactics approved by the webmaster guidelines of Google and other search engines. The approach is to provide human users with the best search engine results.

Why Are White Hat SEO Important? 

The importance of white hat SEO is that these techniques ensure that mainly quality websites fill the SERPs and keep everything within the rules. Adhering to the Webmaster Guidelines leads to web pages being rewarded and avoids being penalized by search engines.

It is very difficult to overcome several of those penalties, while white hat SEO techniques are safe and long-term strategies that increase SERP position, conversion rates, and engagement.

What Are The Differences Between White Hat SEO and BLACK Hat SEO?

White hat SEO includes SEO techniques recommended by search engines; they are ethical, transparent, and have no penalties. They are based on creating a good SEO On Page, creating quality content frequently that generates visits and quality links, optimizing each page, reviewing links, optimizing the loading speed, strategically creating tags, and generally creating a good experience for users. Finally, it is the most legal way to do SEO.

In the opposite position to white hat SEO, is black hat SEO, whose objective is to achieve a quick ranking in the SERPs using techniques that are low or dubious ethics or clearly prohibited in search engine standards, and that in the long run term generally lead to penalties such as being completely erased from search results or getting a lower ranking.


White Hat SEO Techniques

There are several White Hat SEO techniques used to improve website rankings, among them are:

Keyword research

Keywords important to website content based on disciplined research on-page content are mandatory. Special care must be taken when using keywords. You should limit yourself to one main keyword and only 2 or 3 secondary or supporting keywords.

Good keyword research is the key to good white hat SEO. It is time-consuming, but it is a rewarding and never-ending strategy in the long run.

Amazing content

The most important element of modern SEO is quality content written for the reader's benefit and pleasure, not the search engine crawler. It is the best way to profit from search engines and the best way to rank a site or blog.

Website-related content should be created, well-researched, easily digestible, unpublished, and intelligent, without grammatical or punctuation errors, articles should not be spun.

You should use short phrases that are easy to read and ultimately create content for the user and not for tracking bots.

Link building

Authoritative inbound links that are acquired organically instead of paid links are among the most relevant pieces in SEO efforts. These links take dedication and time to acquire, but they are worth it for the huge impact on SERP rankings and increased overall site traffic.

This technique takes a lot of effort and planning. You must create content that other websites with similar content want to link to, establish closeness with other organizations and businesses and let them know the value.

On-Page SEO

One of the most used White Hat SEO techniques is the optimization of the web pages' components. To do this, it is important to ensure that the title tags and meta descriptions engage users and contain relevant keywords without neglecting the alternative text of the images and the URL.

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