Unique Visitors

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Does Unique Visitors Mean?

Unique visitors are those who visit a website with a unique IP address during a given period of time. They are counted individually regardless of the number of times they return to the website.

This number does not increase if the visitor clicks back to a page multiple times.

Why Is It Important To Know The Number Of Unique Visitors To A Website? 

Knowing the number of unique visitors that land on a website is a key factor in evaluating user behavior. This metric is also used with other metrics such as total visits, bounce rate, and time spent on the website to analyze the site's performance or to sell advertising space.

Among the advantages of knowing the number of visitors to a website are the following:

  1. Helps to design remarketing campaigns
  2. It provides information on the dropout rate.
  3. It helps to know the level of popularity of the brand.
  4. It allows us to analyze the visitor's behavior.
  5. Identifies new visitors.  

What Is The Difference Between Unique Visitor And Visit?

The terms "Unique Visitor" and "Visit" are directly related to each other and are often confused. However, they are different metrics for the following reasons:


A visit occurs when a person or robot lands on a website on which at least one page has been loaded.

The same user can make several visits to a website.  Note that each visit is counted only once, and the estimated time for it to be considered "a visit" may vary.

Unique Visitor

A Unique Visitor is a user that visits a website and is counted individually. In other words, it is the number of people or robots that visit it. This factor is usually measured on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

How To Find Unique Visitors In Google Analytics?

Knowing and analyzing the Unique Visitors’ metrics of a website provides many benefits when establishing marketing strategies. For this, there are several analysis tools such as Bing Analytics, Yandesk, Google Analytics, among others, that by tracking and monitoring the IP address, browser cookies, log identifier or usage agent can detect the unique visitors of a website.

One of the most used tools to identify the Unique Visitors of a website is Google Analytics. It defines unique visitors as: "Unique visitors is the number of unduplicated visitors (counted only once) to your website during a specific time period". To use it can be done as follows:

  • Open Google Analytics.
  • Go to the menu, located on the left side and click on "Audience."
  • Select Overview.
  • Choose the time period you want to analyze.

In this way, you will obtain general information about new visitors to the website.

If you want to analyze their behavior, you can go to the "Audience" section in the "Behavior" tab and select "New vs. Returning" in the Audience report menu to get the data.

Within the "Audience" option, there is another way to obtain information to identify unique visitors; it consists of verifying the regular traffic by clicking on "Acquisition," then choose "All Traffic," select "Source/Medium" once these steps are followed a report will be generated that contains a column called "New Users."

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