Trust Rank

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What is Trust Rank?

TrustRank can be said to be an algorithm aimed at examining the quality of web content. This algorithm goes in conjunction with PageRank, which can stand for valuable, informative websites. TrustRank inspects the web content, backlinks, and external links as well as confirms whether the content refers to specific user queries.

How does Trust Rank work?

Something that should’ve known is that the TrustRank algorithm has no direct relationship with the rank of a given web page in the search results; its high score just may suggest that the content inside the webpage is unique and valuable to users, and therefore worth checking.

The way the TrustRank algorithm works is that the algorithm checks the content inside the website, whether the backlinks come from spam sources and the external links and their quality, and if the content inside it is related to specific queries users have made.

Basically, TrustRank executes link analysis to separate spam from useful and quality links, that way, it helps search engine pages.

It is one of the many different algorithms and ranking tools that search engines utilize to evaluate if the content inside a website it’s worth the effort, meaning these tools are used to find out the quality of WebPages and how to rank them accordingly. Therefore it can be said that the TrustRanks helps better the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Being an algorithm doesn’t mean that TrustRank is a fully automated and autonomous algorithm; it is a semi-automated process that needs human assistance to adjust its parameters and function properly; even so, TrustRank is one of Google’s most useful algorithms to do this kind of works, and its methodology is still being used to research work by having it examine related topics.

How do I find out my Trust Rank?

Finding the TrustRank of a given webpage is something rather easy thanks to the wealth of tools available for that task. A trust rank checker is a useful tool to have at hand since knowing how trustful a website looks to Google or any other search engine might help to make web owners know what to change and improve.

Trust Rank Checkers are not difficult to use, it is just inputting the URL of the website that will be checked, and then the trust rank checker will run its search and rate said website depending on how high its rank is, and that way, a webmaster will know how their website it’s ranked.

The higher the TrustRank is, the better. A high trust rank will mean high reliability and a wealth of quality, be its content, backlinks, or external links; a really high ranked website will be free of spam sources that a lower-ranked webpage might have and free of low-quality content too.

Lower ranked websites might have chances to up their trust rank if the quality of what composes them gets better, that’s to say, new quality content being constantly published, more backlinks of good quality, and reliable external links.

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