Text Ad

Joran Hofman
April 25, 2021

What is a Text Ad?

A Text Ad is a form of internet advertising that uses ads containing text to promote products or services and is usually linked to a website.

What are the parts of a Text Ad?

In general, text ads have three main parts: title, description, and visible URL.


The title is the first thing the user sees and the most important part of the ad; this can be adapted according to the device used.

In an ad, there can be one or more titles depending on the platform you choose to publish it.


It is a text field where you can incorporate the message you want to convey about your product or service. You cannot miss the opportunity to add a Call To Action (CTA) that will entice readers to click on it.

Visible URL

This is the link that is placed in the Text Ad and shows users the domain and "path field" of the page they will be directed to if they click on it. Depending on the platform you use, Text Ads can have one or more URLs.


On which platforms can I create Text Ads?

Among some of the platforms that you can create Text Ads are the following:

  • The Google Network: this platform allows you to create Text Ads so that the ads appear on Google sites, related websites, and other sites such as cell phone applications, among others.
  • Bing: Publishing text ads on the Bing platform is similar to Google's because it handles a format optimized for any mobile device and allows you to create similar ad extensions and link them to sites.
  • LinkedIn: The social network Linkedin offers on its platform the possibility to create, optimize and manage text ads to communicate with a professional audience and generate leads for your business.

Each of the platforms mentioned above has its own rules regarding the length limits in the text ad fields.

It is also useful to know that there are platforms that are image-based such as Instagram or Facebook, on which Text Ads cannot be created because users would not pay proper attention to them and therefore prefer images with less than 20% of text in order not to lose their essence.

However, in the graphic ads of these social networks, text can be placed at the top of the image, in the watermarks, in the thumbnails, or the logos.

What are the requirements to create a Text Ad on Google?

In digital marketing, when creating text ads, the goal is that users click on them.

For your Google Adwords campaign to be successful, you must first know the structure of the platform. In Google, text ads are placed in the search results, and the parameters are the following:

  • Headlines: one to three headlines with thirty characters each can be placed. Descriptions: It admits one or two descriptions, each one with a maximum of ninety characters; keep in mind that in the ad, they will not be shown simultaneously but one description at a time. 
  • Call button: this option is optional, and its use is recommended when you want to get more phone calls.
  • Website: you must place the exact location or home page you want users to access when they click on the text ad.

As well as Facebook Ads and all other platforms, Google Adwords has standards and rules for advertising practices not allowed or restricted which must be complied with to avoid being penalized, among these are:

  1. The use of capital letters is accepted only to write the first letter of the words.
  2. Cursing is not allowed.
  3. It is not allowed to use advertisements related to gambling, betting, tobacco, or alcohol.
  4. No extra spaces are allowed in advertisements.
  5. Words may not be repeated many times.
  6. Telephone numbers may not be included in the description or the title.
  7. The CTA (Call To Action) cannot be fuzzy like "Click here."
  8. No asterisks or symbols are allowed. (except for the copyright symbol).
  9. Exclamation marks can only be placed in the description and cannot exceed the amount of one.

Best practices for creating a Text Ad

Here are some best practices to make a successful text ad:

Highlight your company:

To write a winning text ad, do it by showing what is the quality that makes your company stand out from others.

Add legitimacy to your company:

Your ad should proclaim that you are successful, if for example, you have a high volume of sales or many followers do not miss the opportunity to say it, you can also include a symbol such as LLC or INC, etc., this will give you more credibility and confidence in front of people.

Present the characteristics of the product:

It is proven that nowadays it is more effective to show the characteristics of a product instead of the benefits it has, this is because most people who are looking for a product already know what the benefits are and what they want from it is one or more specific properties.

Add promotions, prices, or offers for a limited time:

This is an effective way to capture the attention of users who, if they are interested, should quickly access your website to buy the product or service you offer.

Apply the principles of the art of selling:

To attract consumers with your text ads, do not forget to use the basic principles to sell your product or service, such as interest, urgency, motivation, scarcity, etc.

Pay special attention in the creation of the title of your text ad: 

This is because the vast majority of people tend to click if they read a title that hooks them.

Place extensions with call and location:

Every day more and more people are accessing the Internet from their mobile devices; if you place shortcuts to locate your company or contact them by call or message, you will increase the number of potential customers you will have.

Carefully select the destination page:

When directing people to a web page from your text ad, you must verify that it is the right page for the published ad, that it serves as an introduction, and that the information is related to it.

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