Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is A Query?

Queries or search queries are a combination of words and phrases, keywords so to say, that users put in search engines, be it Google or a different search engine, to look for the content of interest to them, and that way, users can narrow their search and make it easier to find.

Types Of Queries And Examples Of Them

In the world of search marketing, it is known that there are different types of querying for content and that they fall under different categories depending on the way users phrase what they’re looking for, be it typing ‘Facebook,’ ‘what color is the sky?’ or ‘order food,’ can be said to be different types of queries by the way they’re written and the words, phrases, and keywords used on said queries.

There are three types of Queries, and each one is quite distinctive and easy to identify thanks to how simple to understand each type is; the categories that query fall under to are:

  • Navigational Search Queries: This type of query is made with the intention of finding an exact website or webpage. A rather good example of this would be a user typing ‘Outlook’ in a search engine bar to find the outlook website instead of utilizing an already made bookmark or typing the website’s URL into the navigation bar. Another example and an actual fact is that ‘Facebook’ and ‘YouTube’ are the top two searches in Google’s search engine and that these two terms are navigational search queries.
  • Informational Search Queries: This kind of query can be defined as ‘queries that have a broad scope, to which there may be thousands of results’, they’re called ‘informational search query’ because when someone types this kind of query, they’re looking for information on the topic instead of a specific website or they’re not looking for a commercial transaction, they just need answers to questions they have.

For example, it can be said that searching ‘what is good for breakfast on cold mornings?’ or ‘what Netflix series should I watch?’ are informational search queries since the user is looking for information to answer their questions about a broad topic that can have and has thousands of relevant answers.

  • Transactional Search Queries: It is the type of query that indicates a willingness to do a commercial transaction, intent to complete a transaction, and make a purchase from what they’re looking for. Queries that fall under the tag of ‘Transactional Search Queries’ are the ones where brand names or products are included on the query, or generic ‘gaming laptop’ or actually have terms like ‘buy,’ ‘order,’ or ‘purchase.’

For example, someone looking for shops near his area to buy things might type ‘local supermarkets’ or ‘Amsterdam wine shop.’

What Is The Difference Between Queries And Keywords?

Queries and Keywords are very similar and something easily mixable due to the nature of what they are, but to be honest, they aren’t the same thing at all, thanks to the little differences there are in their uses and what public they target.

It can be said that Queries are what the common user utilizes to realize searches and that Keywords are what a marketer targets since they have to research the queries that users do to find Keywords to market, and that means that Queries and Keywords aren’t the same things.

Why Are Queries Helpful In SEO?

Queries are helpful in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) because they help narrow user searches and facilitate researching for whatever information they need, be it a specific website, questions to be answered, or places to buy things.

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