Quality Score

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is A Quality Score?

It is the number that Google uses to measure the pertinence of a keyword. It shows it on a scale from 1 to 10, with ten being the highest. Likewise, it is mostly used as a guide for advertisers, but it is not used directly to rank ads.

What Is A Good Quality Score And How To Calculate It?

get a higher number it’s usually not worth the effort and may result in frustration for being a hardly achievable task.

As this metric affects the way Google, Yahoo!, and Bing rank ads and CPC, it is important to grasp how the rating process goes. Since Google holds and monitors an incredible amount of information and the interaction that users have with the SERP, it can predict how users will interact with specific keywords, click the popular ads, and estimate how many clicks per month something will get.

Quality Score is just another tool in the bag of Advertisers since this metric affects how Search Engines rank ads; having enough knowledge about and how to use it is pretty important and not something to be left aside.

Even so, over-focusing on the Quality Score it’s not enough to achieve results for an advertiser to get a higher quality score; there are plenty of tips and advice on how to better an advertiser’s ad campaign and its ranks that obtaining a High-quality score will come easily ifs some of these tips are followed. Enough care it’s taken to maintain the quality of the ads being published.

What To Do To Obtain A High-Quality Score?

First, you need to understand that an ad, landing page, and a keyword have to be related; if they are not connected, it goes directly against the principle of relevance. Hence your score is not going to be good.

Therefore, it is a piece of good advice not to have unrelated content, and keeping the production of new content of good quality is something that should be taken in mind when thinking about if a website’s Quality Score is going up or down.

Having a good Quality Score is rather important as a website since it means that a website can gather traffic the higher it is. It shows that its content is relevant and of good quality. A good-looking design for the website also matters. Having it be appealing and not cluttered for users is pretty important as being too complicated might make users leave.

Another good tip is to have your content be insightful and appealing instead of overly extensive or obtuse. That way, users will keep looking for content and expecting new content, which might help obtain a High-Quality Score. The better quality of content, the higher will be the quality score and how much pertinence it gets.

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