Postback URL

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is A Postback URL?

A Postback URL is a simple URL with extra parameters that are called whenever a conversion takes place. This URL has some information parameters like click id, conversion value, and placement ID to log into the affiliate network server or tracking server to verify the authenticity of conversion.  

Why Is Postback Tracking Important In The Affiliate Marketing?

Postback tracking is really important in the affiliate marketing field because it transmits responses; that’s to say, it sends a confirmation and passes a response from the server to the server-side via postback URL parameters.

That way, a marketer can keep track of what’s going on with their URLs and how many users are clicking it and the kind of traffic it generates, and know how successful their actual ad campaign is.

Therefore, with that type of information on hand, marketers can make informed decisions about how to proceed and how to better their own ad campaigns for the traffic they possess or the kind of advanced bid strategy they created thanks to the data obtained they should apply.

How Does A Postback URL Work?

There are multiple ways to explain how Postback tracking URLs work. Given how important they tend to be in the affiliate marketing field, it is bound to get explained.

Think of the Postback Tracking URL like a text chat, where you get to read and receive receipts.  When someone receives your ‘message,’ you can check that on your messaging app and know when it was received, and the same applies when a message is read.

Postback URLs work the same way because they transmit information thanks to the data parameters in the URL. After being clicked, they inform in real time the server where it came from that it was clicked, and the data will be sent.

A user finds a new ad (or offer) and clicks on it.

  • The user transfers through several redirects. The information is sent to an ad tracker, affiliate Network, marketer, and the marketer’s landing page in little moments.
  • The click is being recorded. It’s given a unique ID for the session, which is visible and can be found in the landing page URL.
  • The user purchases a good-looking offer on a landing page. The conversion is correctly sent to the right affiliate. The marketer sends a signal to the tracker and Affiliate Network with an initial user ID. Affiliate Network sends a reply, while the ad tracker verifies the signal and captures the change.  

How To Create A Postback URL?

The common and easy way to create a Postback URL is going to the website of an Affiliate Network Platform and following the instructions to create the postback URL; most Affiliate Network Platforms have easy-to-understand- to create tracking links like the Postback URL.

After the Postback URL is made, the owner has to edit it. Its parameters to be able to obtain information from it, meaning that they will need to insert the affiliate network ID, the payout data, and the parameter that gives each transaction a special ID.

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