On-Page SEO

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the factors applied directly in a website and/or a page that search engines will consider to position it in search results and rankings. Some examples of these factors are the content, the titles, and the media elements.

Off Page SEO And On Page SEO, Are They Different?

Off Page SEO is the opposite of On Page SEO; just as its name says, Off Page SEO are external factors to the website; these factors are supposed to improve the site’s ranking. Some examples of this could be external links, backlinks, link building, and social sharing.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization and On Page Search Engine Optimization share the same purpose: to improve a website’s place in search ranking results, but they accomplish it in different ways. Off page SEO works mainly with link building. Still, it can also be applied through social media sharing, publicity, and collaborations. On the other hand, On Page SEO works with what the user can see on the page, such as images, videos, titles, and the actual content.

There is controversy in the topic about if it is more important the On Page Search Engine Optimization or the Off Page Search Engine Optimization, but the best thing to do is forget about this discussion and focus on improving both of them.

The best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practice is to equilibrate their use to find the perfect balance that gives the website the best traffic, the best ranking, and the best authority.

Why Is On Page SEO Important?

On Page, Search Engine Optimization is a process used to improve a website’s elements. So, it ranks higher in Search Engines Results and so this brings more traffic to the page. The application of this process in a website is important because it shows both search engines and users the value the site gives to them.

Just creating a website and starting to publish content in it is not enough to do a successful business because the site has to be optimized for search engines to be attracted to it and find it useful in order to make the site rank higher and find new users and traffic. This is what On Page SEO works for, every change or thing that can be added to the website and that is shown on the page for users to see. It will make the experience presented to them a good and reliable one.


How To Improve On Page SEO?

Due to the many areas On Page SEO holds, there are also a lot of ways and focus on improving; here are some:

Internal linking

Internal links are hyperlinks that link to another page in the same domain. This kind of link not only makes it easier to navigate through the site, but it also improves the information circulation.

Quality content

Quality content is, of course, one of the most important things to make a user stay on a website. To accomplish high-quality content, it is necessary to be creative, original, informative, and simple.


Adding images to a website makes it more visually appealing, and image alt tags will make it easier for crawlers to identify the content on a website. 

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