Joran Hofman
April 4, 2021

What is an Offer?

A marketing offer is a no-cost, but valuable product or service offered to users in return for completing a call to action. It is used mainly to generate potential clients for a business or company.

An offer can be an e-book, a podcast, a membership benefit, a coupon, a trial period, a checklist, a guide, an application, or any other vehicle that provides information, service, or product at no cost to its prospects or potential customers. They are paying you for information.

How does the Offer work?

Different offers can be made available in different places on a CTA-linked site targeting people at different sites in the funnel. A brochure with the benefits of a place can be appealing to a person who is just beginning to look for places to go on vacation, which would serve as an encouragement to share their name and email. A stub will attract more attention from a person who is a little further ahead in the process and may want to share more personal information to get there. There are no limitations on the number of offers to choose from to order. Still, excellent quality must be maintained with each offer that is offered.

Although it is not a direct representation of the business, there must be some kind of overlap between the business and the offering. It may slightly increase the value of the business. There is the possibility of highlighting the attractions to a certain point for the business, the business form defined as contrary to a type of renegotiation of the competition, or concentrating efforts on characteristics of a commercial part that are attractive to a target market.

These offers must be made in such a way that a user with a certain level of reasoning understands their acceptance and results in a certain commitment.

Why is the Offer important in marketing?

Most people have learned to be cautious or rather jealous when sharing personal information. You will not fill out a form with information so that you can be contacted in the future just because you are asked to do so. This will depend directly on the value they observe in a market offer.

The first opportunity to ensure that a user wants to return to the site to continue learning more about the business may be to meet the value promised in the offer.

This also becomes an opportunity to create trust in a brand since what is offered is fulfilled.

The offers, in conjunction with a good CTA, give the possibility of creating profiles of users and potential customers to be able to market them more effectively.

Analyzing potential customers’ statistics and profiles allows you to identify where there is more interest and create or improve content accordingly.


Offer examples.

As part of a marketing strategy, companies can offer a lot of different things, but among some of the most effective we have:

  • Useful spreadsheet templates: A useful template is something that a client will want to use on more than one occasion, such as to prepare a small budget for a company, calculate the monthly services to pay, or the number of materials needed for simple construction. 
  • Blueprints and technical documents: It should be noted that the people who actually read blueprints or technical reports are usually managers and executives, and therefore it should not be too long (to keep your attention) or too short (it should cover the topic). 
  • Slideshows - Stand-alone slide shows like PowerPoint or Google Slides work when you want to give image-based information. 
  • Educational documents - When visitors or users are on the site to learn something new, educational material never goes out of style. It does not have to be strictly academic material; rather it has to be material that shows how to do something.

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