Native Advertising

Joran Hofman
April 4, 2021

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is defined as a relatively new form of digital advertising which purpose is to match the look and feel of regular content on a website. Its purpose is to make it difficult to distinguish between the actual content of the page and an ad.

How does Native Advertising work?

Compared to regular display ads or banner ads, native ads do not have the appearance of an ad because that is why they made for, they are meant to blend with the content of the website and not interrupt the user’s experience; they are carefully placed within not only websites but in social media feeds and recommended content as well, one of the most common kinds of native ads that can also be found on the internet searches and promoted listings. Despite all the ways that these can be presented, they are all in their majority ruled by three principles:

Delivered in stream.

Native advertising does not interfere with the user’s experience because it is designed and featured in a way that does not interrupt the user’s normal behavior in the determined channel.

Direct pay opportunity.

For a native ad to be placed on a determined platform’s content, brands have to pay in advance.

They are content-based.

Because of how this kind of ad is presented to the public, being product or service-centered would immediately let users know that it is a paid advertisement, which is why the ad content should be interesting, useful and highly targeted to the media channel’s public.

Some things to also have in mind when adding native ads to a webpage are:

  • Not trying to deceive the public or misrepresent the purpose of the promoted service.
  • Clearly identify advertised content as such and disclose any clarifying information to avoid deception from the users.

Types of Native Advertisements.

Native ads can take many forms, but whether they are run manually or programmatically, they can be normally be found like:

Search ads.

This kind of ad will show up in-stream and match the form of a search result in SERPs (Search Result Pages).

Social ads.

They appear in news feeds or lists of content; these are meant to look like regular entries and will work like one. A good example of this could be a sponsored Instagram post.


Really similar to social ads but in blog-like pages where the ad will usually appear underneath or along with the site’s organic content flow.

Why is Native Advertising important?

Native advertising has been taking relevance in the last few years. Even though it  is a relatively new marketing strategy, it has proved its effectiveness in the new digital platforms; many businesses and brands are using native ads to reach the audience at highly impactful moments when users are consuming an interesting content or article they are more likely to be open to discovering new ideas and proposals.

Marketers and publishers have embraced native advertising as an indispensable tool for monetizing content and getting in touch with the public.

Native Advertising examples.

Some of the most popular native ad providers are listed below:

  • Outbrain
  • Nativo
  • TripleLift
  • Taboola

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