Middle of the Funnel

Joran Hofman
April 4, 2021

What is Middle of the Funnel?

Middle of the Funnel is a term used in marketing that refers to the moment when a potential customer is starting to consider making a purchase and is measuring their options. This stage usually includes the user finding more information about the benefits and features of said product.

Why is Middle of the Funnel important?

For a user (or possible customer) to reach the Middle of the Funnel stage, they have to be already familiar with what the product or service can offer to them. For a person who meets this stage, it implies that they are already interested in what the business has to offer and are likely to make a purchase. The users who arrive at this stage are seriously considering if the product presented is the best option and comparing it to its competitors and are in an evaluation phase, so this is the moment a company has to convince them that indeed this is the best option and to do so the business has to align the user’s needs to the service in a very clear way.

This is probably the most critical stage inside the Funnel because it will determine if a lead will become an official customer, so when designing a funnel isimportant to focus on this specific section.

Elements of Middle of the Funnel.

When doing Middle of the Funnel content, it is important to understand that its main purpose is to engage customers and understand their interests and purchase intent, so Middle Funnel content should always be:

  • Persuasive.
  • Educational.
  • Targeted.

Best practices for optimizing Middle of the Funnel content.

Difference from the competition.

Because in this phase the possible is evaluating the product or service to buy. They most likely already visited other options and have those features in mind. That is why Middle of the Funnel content should establish very clearly what makes this offer unique and different from the others in the market.

Share proof.

Clearly explaining to a lead how great a product may is, is expected, but in this stage, it would be a lot more productive not only to tell them but to show them by adding proof and testimonies through reviews and photos of past customers. This way, it validates and adds trustworthiness to the service being offered.

Specific features.

When a lead reaches the Middle of the Funnel, they expect to be able to compare a product to its competitors, so differently from the stage Top of the Funnel, the information shown here should be more specific for them to gauge the product.

Analyze the statistics. 

Analyzing and taking notes about what content and topics users are most drawn to will allow them to learn new ways to address them and convince them to become customers. Also, segmenting the leads will help to measure which ones are most valuable, so it's easier to prioritize the quality leads, the ones that are most likely to become a customer.

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