Meta Title

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is A Meta Title?

The meta title is the main title of the page that is specified within the meta tags of it. A meta title is shown in search engines above the meta description in search results. It is meant to resume what users should expect from the content.

Why Are Meta Title Tags Important?

The meta title is the first thing a user will see when coming across a page in the search results page (SERPs), so this means the meta title is the first impression a user will get from the website it belongs to.

A meta title will not only give the users a first impression of the page but also to search engines; it is one of the first factors that denote the content and topic of a page, so it is a really important tool search engines have to classify a website.

How To Write A Meta Title?

A meta title should always be personalized to its page and website, so there is not a real formula that every content creator should follow, but here are some general tips that could be really helpful:

Give a preview of the content that will be on the page

Clickbaiting or exaggerating the title may seem like a good option to get easy traffic, but this is nothing more than a counterproductive technique. A meta title should always reflect the content that the page holds and the message and brand of a website; if the title fits the article that it's from, it will most likely be more helpful to the user so there will be more probabilities that he interacts longer with the page

Make it different

Making various meta titles, each one different and with many different keywords, will improve the page’s search visibility.

Use keywords

As mentioned above, keywords can help improve the search visibility of a page; this is because using a page’s main keyword will be taken by most search engines as a sign of relevance and helpful content. But this should be done in a certain way so it does not fall into keyword stuffing.

Good length

A good length meta title is crucial for a website, so it does not appear too short in the information or so long that it does not fit in the search result page. The ideal length should be aimed at around fifty characters.

What Is The Meta Title Length?

The meta title length is nothing more than what its name says. The number of characters the title shows in the search results. Still, as simple as it seems, it is probably one of the most important factors for a meta title to be successful. Most search engines will interrupt the continuity of meta title tags longer than fifty-sixty characters. But there is another that may affect this. The length shown may vary from computers to mobile devices; in computers, the length of characters shown can reach seventy, but this will vary from one search engine to another.

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