Link Velocity

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is Link Velocity?

Link Velocity refers to the speed of growth of the links directed to a web page or domain. It also means the speed at which the backlink profile grows over a period of time.

Why Is Link Velocity For SEO Important?

Knowing the link velocity of a website or domain is of great importance for SEO for the following reasons:

  • It allows you to determine and understand what the growth patterns of natural links in a niche to compete with other companies are.
  • It is also important to monitor and control this factor because search engines such as Google take it into account to detect when a website tries to bulk up its organic results to change the ranking position in the search results.

Link Velocity & Strategies SEO

Knowing whether to increase the speed of link building or decrease it is essential when establishing an SEO strategy, as much as it is how it is to obtain and build quality links.

One of the most effective strategies for link speed is to analyze the competition; for this, multiple SEO tools help in this process. With these, you can know the speed of acquired backlinks, lost backlinks, backlinks from pages with domain authority, as well as which anchor texts were used and the domain quality ratings (organic traffic, domain metrics, taxonomy, etc.), among others.

Another strategy to increase the speed of backlinks on a site or web page is creating original, quality, and useful content for users. However, you should avoid getting many links in a short time because this can tell search engines like Google that they are not natural links and that they were artificially acquired to build the popularity of a website which can cause loss of position or even penalty of the same.

What Is A Positive Link Velocity In SEO?

It is said that a page or website has Positive Link Velocity when it gets links faster than it loses, which will usually generate a boost in the SERPs, showing that its popularity is increasing.


What Is The Optimal Link Velocity?

The optimal Link Velocity is something that varies due to its nature because having a high-speed Link Velocity can be something that happens naturally thanks to the high-quality content offered or something made to happen by design.

This tends to be a red flag to Google due to the unnatural growth that some websites might have after experiencing a low-speed link velocity, that is to say, that the optimal link velocity is something that varies and depends on a lot of factors.

Like what is being offered, the quality of that content, how old the webpage is, and how constantly new content is being uploaded in a month.

This means that Backlinks that were earned naturally tend to accumulate over time and not appear overnight (which indicates underhanded methods).

The Optimal Link Velocity is something that varies on a case-by-case basis; having slow and constant growth is a good thing, as is having a fast growth supported by quality content.

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