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Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is A Link Profile?

In the SEO community, a link profile is the composition of links that direct or point to a site, as well as the characteristics of those links. Google and other search engines favor links from a variety of sites, as well as from high authority sites.

Is It Important Link Profile For SEO?

A link profile continues to be a strong ranking signal for a website in a search.

Search engines rely heavily on links to find out which pages to show in their results; motivated to this, large investments are made to improve the evaluation of links.

In particular, various search engines and Google are experimenting and testing their search results all the time. It is of the utmost importance to vary the means with which we take care of the links to create a complete link profile that resists changes, modifications, updates, and adjustments of the search engines.

In addition to being a ranking factor for search engines, inbound links can attract visitors to your site who might not have found it otherwise. Therefore, inbound links can be a direct and indirect source of web traffic.

What Is A Good Link Profile?

The main factors that make a good link profile are:

  • Your inbound links come from legitimate and authorized sources.
  • It has a lot of branded anchor text.
  • The anchor texts come from high authority websites.
  • The branding anchor text itself is very diverse, with many variations linking with the site.
  • It has many high authority links.
  • It does not have fraudulent backlinks.
  • The links are fresh. The newer the link, the more value it adds.
  • The linked page has depth. The deeper the link is in the structure of a website, the more valuable it is in a link profile.
  • It has diversity in linked pages and will display many linked pages. The wider the distribution and diversity of the linked pages, the stronger the profile of the link.
  • It has a large number of links to a page. The more links the better, but they are from different sites.
  • There are no links to the article directory. No paid or purchased links. It has no spam links.

How To Make A Good Link Profile?

The tactics for building a good link profile are mainly based on three aspects:

  • Content.
  • Investigation.
  • Community.

Content link building:

Among the most widely discussed ways to get links is to do it through content. Its popularity is due to its effectiveness and that websites want to create links that have important content. It is one of the most difficult ways to acquire links to execute correctly.

Creating linkable assets to attract links means investing in a variety of resources: High-quality infographics, pre-existing assets with little promotion, use of proprietary image search tools to request attribution links.

Industry and niche research link building through:

If important to a business, directories and resource pages can be a good source of referral traffic.

The pages' investigation with the best performances of the competition to know how they obtain links and how to optimize the pages themselves to capture links.

Building broken links through unused resources that are relevant to your niche, without being restricted to competing sites.

Mentions to your site without a link are a great way to increase your backlink profile. Also, if no links to the site are included in the mentions, links could be guaranteed when reaching out. 

Building community ties:

Another way to guarantee links is through agreements and interactions with the community, since community participation builds relationships offline. These relationships can be embodied online in the form of links.

In short, keep in mind that search engines reward websites with backlink profiles that show a greater variety of link types.


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