Link Juice

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is Link Juice?

Link Juice, also known as "link equity" and "link power", is a popular term used in the SEO world to define the authority that is passed from one web page to another through the process of building backlinks. It is a factor used by search engines such as Google or Bing to rank a website.

What Determines Link Juice or Link Equity?

To determine if an internal or external link will pass juice or equity to a website or web page, you should check the following:

  • The relevance of the link. A link will give equity if it is relevant to the website it is directed to, i.e., if it is related to your niche. For example, you link to a car sales page from a blog that talks about decorating children's parties, this link will not give you any value.
  • If the linking site has authority. Suppose a link comes from trusted or authoritative sites. In that case, it may convey more equity or juice than those from new or less authoritative sites.
  • If the link is nofollow.  If the link is nofollow will tell the CRAWLERS to ignore it, and therefore will not transmit equity.
  • Link location site on a page. Usually, links found in the body of the content of a page or website pass more equity than those found in other sites such as the footer or sidebar, so it is important to check the link’s location. 
  • If there are many links on a page.  When there are many links on a page or website, it can make it more difficult for users to find it, which takes away from the link’s value.
  • Check the HTTP status of the linked page. It is important to check the status of the web page where the link comes from to see if they work.

How Does Link Juice or Link Equity Work?

Search engines like Google and Bing analyze the links pointing to web pages to determine their ranking in a keyword query's SERPs. If, for example, one web page links to another, it makes the links juice flow helping the page that receives them to rank higher. Of course, it all depends on the page's level of authority coming from and the amount of quality links it receives.

How To Get Link Juice?

One of SEO's main objectives is to get a good amount of link juice or link equity for a website or web page to achieve the top positions in search engines. To make this task easier, there are a variety of free and paid tools that will help the SEO in its tireless search; however, here are some tips you can follow to achieve it:

  1. Create authorized and valuable content for users and make it known to the appropriate market. 
  2. Increase brand popularity, with continuous advertising and promotions. 
  3. Improve public relations.
  4. Contribute content to other websites and blogs.
  5. To create product reviews in blogs.
  6. Make the brand known to experts. 

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