Lead Magnet

Joran Hofman
April 4, 2021

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free service or product that is being given away just for the sole purpose of gathering contact details of possible customers to be, that’s to say, contact details of leads; for example, lead magnets can coupons, trial subscriptions, digital newsletters, and free consultations.

Do Lead Magnets work?

Marketers utilize lead magnets to create sales leads. The marketers try to transform the leads into customers of a product or service, or they may market unrelated offerings to the sales leads.

As digital marketers, one of the goals that everyone in the field pursues is obtaining more awareness and building trust and credibility with their customers, to have them become loyal customers.

The way lead magnets work means that they are the perfect way to connect with prospective customers who have never heard of the advertised brand to give you their contact information in return for something valuable worth to them.

Lead magnets can also help qualify prospective customers by asking for a small commission from them, especially if it is possible to get them to fill up a form requiring more than just their email address.

This means that lead magnets work depending on thekind of magnet being used to attract leads and if the services being offered are of good quality and reliability.

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Why are Lead Magnets important in Marketing?

It is simple: a lead magnet is a helpful strategy for positive lead generation. Leads are the potential customers of any given service or product. Lead generation is an important content marketing goal that is as important as getting good credibility and contacts.

Normally, people are unwilling to share their information unless they are offered something valuable enough in return. Users will not subscribe to a website or newsletter without a good reason unless they realize that they won’t be getting spammed.

In marketing, there are constant goals that always are in marketers’ minds, such as generating brand awareness, building trust, increasing brand engagement, and establishing credibility, but these are harder to measure than lead magnets.

There are also closer goals like building an email list, positively increasing website traffic, driving traffic to sales pages, and transforming that into sales.

These goals are usually done with the help of lead magnets. These actions are easier to measure because there is an action people take when they download or sign up for something; said action is giving their contact info.

The fact is that it is impossible to have a successful internet marketing strategy without lead magnets; they’re a vital part of how a website should be optimized, lead capture, and an effective sales funnel. Settling for a mere 10% lead capture when it is possible to have a 75% lead capture with lead magnet strategies is ridiculous. Lead magnets are easy to make, and most of the time, the services being given away are worth the expense because the lead capture will reach higher percentages,

Lead Magnet examples and ideas.

Here are some easy to make lead magnets that might be useful:

  • Resource Guide—Step-by-step guide to.
  • Must have apps/tools for your life/business.
  • e-Booklet (keep it short).
  • Research findings.
  • Templates.
  • Webinars.
  • Series of video tips.
  • Discount code to use on purchase.
  • Free item (perhaps customer pays shipping only).
  • Your best resources (equipment, suppliers, etc.).
  • Monthly HOT TIPS (aka not-so-boring-newsletter).
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