Keyword Domain Names

Joran Hofman
April 4, 2021

What are Keyword Domain Names?

Keyword domain names are domains in which specific keywords or phrases are included in the domain name itself.

Creating a website or website with a domain that includes keywords that identify the niche you are in is a good way to build brand identity and start ranking the website for related terms.

How do Keyword Domain Names work?

When keyword domain names are used to create potential users or customers on the site or web page, this does not mean that the name of the main domain or the name of the company or business is being changed. What is being done is registering companion domain names, and traffic is forwarded to the website this way.

As an example, we can put that you have a video game store called "gamerperiod" and it sells both old school and new video games. The main domain name could be

Now, assuming that you want to generate more users or potential customers to the website, mainly from peoplelooking for old-school games, you could register the domain and forward the traffic generated to the website

This additional domain is aimed at a very specific part of the audience or audience: old-school gamers. The main domain name may not be the best choice for "old school gamers," but the keyword domain name would allow for a better ranking.

What are the Types of Keywords Domain Names?

Generally, when you think of keyword domain names, you think of exact match domains, but partial match domains can be used, and exact match business name attribution can also be considered as another option.

Exact Match Domain (EMD).

An exact match domain is a match for a target keyword. In the example discussed above, is an exact match domain for the search term "old school gamer."

These are add-on domains intended to help businesses rank higher on search engine results pages for specific keywords.

Partial match domain.

As the name suggests or suggests, a fuzzy match domain is a domain name in which only part of the keyword you want to pipe is included.

Many times, partial match domains have the brand name and add a partial keyword match.

Generally speaking, partial match domain names work best when using a local keyword or keywords of lesser competition.

Exact match business name.

These exact match business names are not actually keyword domain names. Rather, they are likely alternatives to using an exact or partial match domain. 

They include keywords in the business name to enhance them for Google My Business listings. These lists are displayed both in search results as well as in map results. When you improve a business name for important search terms, you can improve your ranking in the business list.

How would this be accomplished?

If the business name has a common search term, the Google search engine can assume that users are searching for a brand.

Tips for adding or appending Keywords in a Domain Name.

Here are some quick tips to consider when selecting a domain name with keywords:

  • You should always try to add or include the company or brand in the domain name.
  • One or two complementary keywords should be added to which you are targeting.
  • Short, attention-grabbing, and hard-to-forget domain names should be established.
  • Keep in mind that long exact match domain names are currently not as effective as they used to be.
  • A keyword-heavy domain on its own is not a good SEO tactic. Still, it can be useful as part of an overall integrated SEO strategy.

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