Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Are Impressions?

Impressions, also called views or ad views, are a measure of how many times an ad or content is viewed by a user. When it comes to SEO, it refers to the number of times people see your website appear on the search page.

What Are Impressions For Google? 

The most used tool to measure the impressions generated by and is Google Search Console.

For Google Search Console, impressions are defined as "how many links a user saw to your site in Google's search results".

But the concept cannot be taken literally because Google actually considers impressions to be the number of times a URL on a site appears in a user's search results at any position, including those below the fold that is not seen by the visitor's eye, with the exception of paid Google Ads search impressions.

It should be noted that the number of impressions a result receives on Google depends on many factors, such as:

  • In which position is the content in the Google results page because the higher it is, the more likely it is to receive more impressions.
  • It depends on how the user behaves on the results page; for example, if your intention is to buy can click on an ad without reviewing the results. In that case, their impressions will be less.
  • It also depends on the type of keyword the visitor is looking for.
  • Another aspect can be the configuration of the result on the page; if the ad draws the user's attention with an emoji or some image, they will receive more impressions

What Is The Difference Between Clicks And Impressions?

In digital marketing, impressions occur when an ad or other advertising content is displayed in a part of a website, on a search engine results page (SERP), or on a social network, even if the visitor does not realize he is there.

While clicks represent an interested person or potential customer who clicks on an ad link and is taken to the advertiser's website.

It is important to note that for a click to happen, there must be an impression. Still, not all visitors, when they see an ad, click on it, so the amount of impressions will always be higher.

To calculate the proportion of clicks in relation to the impressions is done through the click rate (CTR), which is nothing more than dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions; for example, if an ad got 2000 impressions and 20 clicks, the CTR would be 1%.

Why Are Impressions Important In Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, impressions are of great importance when planning media and online advertising. They are usually used in campaigns for companies that want to make a brand or concept known in a specific market.  They are also used as the basis for billing a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) payment model, in which the person who buys traffic pays a specific amount for every 1,000 impressions.

It is also a metric used to calculate the performance of various types of advertising campaigns such as: how many times a meme appears on social networks, what is the amount of actual click impressions in relation to pay per click impressions, amount of access to images through third party sites such as Pinterest or Google Image Search, among others.

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