Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is A Hyperlink?

A Hyperlink is a kind of electronic link that redirects the user that clicks on it to a different page or website. These hyperlinks can be different from normal text because they are of a different color, and they use HTML code to target the destination.

Why Are Hyperlinks So Important?

Hyperlinks have the capacity to connect two different websites or pages in a really fast and simple way; this by its own is a really powerful tool to improve a site’s quality because it can help with:

  • Increasing the visits to a page or blog.
  • Improve the navigation through the page to the visitors.
  • Increasing the site’s time on page and the Dwell Time.
  • Increasing the website’s Authority and credibility.

How Are Hyperlinks Used In SEO?

Hyperlinks are a really important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO); these are used to increase the online presence and authority a website or blog has.

To use this tool as a way to improve a website’s traffic, the first step should be targeting down the public the content is meant for; the links placed on a page should always add to the page and its content. Once the public has been targeted, the site’s owner should start by constructing a hyperlink’s web aimed toward this demographic; by doing this, it is possible to increase the page’s traffic and make it be referenced by search engines. This tactic is called Link Building.

Types Of Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are classified by the site or page they redirect the user to, so there are six (6) basic ones:

To an internal page

Those redirect the user that clicks on them to a page or article inside the same website, but on a different page; this is used to avoid making repetitive the content on the different articles of the site and to increase the traffic through these.

To an external page

This kind of link is used to redirect the user from a page to an external website that is non-related to the prior link. These are used for many purposes, from citing another creator’s content to redirecting to paid promotions.

To an anchor

A hyperlink to an anchor will redirect the user that clicks on it to another point on the same page; this is especially useful for long articles and is usually used to avoid repeating content or to make navigation through the page easier.

To an email address

A link to an email address will automatically redirect the user that clicks on it to a new email with the address selected already included.

Media content

These links are placed or associated with an image. When the user clicks on the picture, they will automatically be redirected to a page or website.

Text hyperlink

These kinds of links are related to certain parts of the text written in the article. This fragment of content will be highlighted or in a different color, the moment a user clicks on the link.

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