Grayhat SEO

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is Gray Hat SEO?

Gray Hat SEO is the practice of using technically legal methods to increase the ranking of a site, but that is of dubious ethics. Their operation at a practical level depends not on the guidelines they set but on the aggressiveness level with which the positioning actions are carried out.

What Are Some Gray Hat SEO Techniques?

It is possible to use techniques to improve a website's position without falling into fraudulent or criminal activities. It is a way to take advantage of the algorithms' weaknesses to improve the status in the rankings.

Web semantics: How And How Much

Take advantage of the content that is going to be published using synonyms and keyword variables in writing. Not only is it allowed, but it is recommended and improves SEO since the search engines will read the related words. One trick you can use is to check how other companies in the sector use the vocabulary and use it as a reference.

Insert Links Progressively 

It is essential to insert or add the links progressively to carry out a link-building strategy in a natural way and in accordance with the parameters of the search engines. These should be gradually included, both when they are started and when they are stopped.

Domain Acquisition 

In Gray Hat SEO, Domain Grabbing is the process of purchasing expired domains and linking them to a website. Generally speaking, the acquisition of domains involves purchasing old domains that have a good backlink profile and established authority. This works best if the content of the old domains is significant to the new website's niche. Randomly buying domains without checking if their link profiles are good could do more damage to the new website.

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Link Building On Web 2.0 Sites

Today, most of the websites on the Internet are what we call Web 2.0 sites. These are websites where users can collaborate with webmasters. These are community-driven sites.

For Google, the fact that there are links where users have control of their anchor text, approval, location, etc. it's not ethical. However, these sites' purpose is to reward and help people who contribute by allowing them to link to their own websites or resources.

Wikipedia, Quora, Medium, WikiHow, and Reddit are examples of Web 2.0. The best way to approach these types of websites is to contribute honestly. Take the answers to the questions seriously, contribute valuable and factual content, and never spam or leave keyword-rich anchor texts.

Social Bookmarks

Social bookmarking websites are sites that allow users to share and submit their content for promotion and to bookmark other content that matches their interests for later reading. In general, social bookmarking sites will not harm your website, as they usually offer nofollow links. Social bookmarking is really a way to promote fresh content. What makes social bookmarking acceptable is that you need content to make it work.

Link Exchange

Link exchanges have existed since 1998. Webmasters noted that they could grow their link profiles faster if they exchanged links with each other.

When people abuse this strategy, it is when it goes wrong. The most ideal way to get a link for Google is organic; people read the content, like it, link to the content, and make sense.

Sharing some links with friends and webmaster partners is nice. But if they link to each other with each and every post you make, then trouble comes.

Guest Blogging

One of the most common SEO techniques still in use is guest posting or guest blogging. Its main purpose is really good. Create partnerships with other webmasters and contribute with content to the audience.

Although, there are cases where guest blogging can be a gray hat SEO technique rather than a white hat SEO technique.

There are many websites that were only created to be guest blogging websites and are only used to convey domain authority. Guest posts with excessive links and spammy anchor texts are also discouraged.

When guest blogging, you must contribute to a website that has value. You shouldn't guest blog for the sole purpose of getting a backlink

Valuable information should be provided to the website audience.

Redesign Your Website At Regular Intervals

Even if the content is more or less the same because the code and text change, Google thinks it is new content.

Is It Allowed To Use Gray Hat SEO Techniques?

Gray hat SEO techniques can be used and can help a website rank higher in search engines. However, it is not recommended that you use these techniques. Since there is a fine line between these strategies and black hat SEO.

Does Gray Hat SEO Work?

Yes, Gray Hat SEO can work if done the right way. It is not advisable to use some of these techniques because they are manipulative in nature, like black hat SEO;. However, they essentially do not go against Google's guidelines; there is still a risk of being penalized by Google. But when done the right way, there are similar benefits to white hat SEO strategies.

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