Google Trends

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What is Google Trends?

It is a free online tool, provided, developed, maintained, and managed by Google, which allows the numerical comparison and graphic representation (it can be in real-time) of the popularity or the frequency with which the search for a term or several words is carried out. Or specific phrases throughout the world.

Importance Of Google Trends For a Business

If someone wants to start a business in a sector, Google trends will be of great help to locate the most sought-after products within that sector, new trends, that users want. In this way, it is possible to plan inventories.

It is important for a business to check that there are search terms by seasons, whose traffic levels are higher over a period of time. However, it should be taken into account, that there are limitations in the operation of this tool and that is that the search data is only offered for those with the highest traffic and the number of searches necessary to appear in said tool is not specified.

In short, Google Trends shows the variation of how popular a searched term is and compares it with other terms, phrases or words; which can be used in a market strategy, and it is also free to use.

How To Use Google Trends for SEO?

You should locate the seasonal trends and create and promote content at that precise moment. Once the highest trends are located, important content can be created that is related to them. Existing pages should also be improved before these trends Do not use keywords that are falling in popularity or misleading information. Verify the

words to be written for content with Google Trends. Find and locate hot topics that are currently popular and take advantage of them. Use data from the tool to optimize content agenda planning.

Examine meticulously which regions require the services and products offered. The Google Trends tool facilitates the regional location where a search is most used.

Debugging the tactic by analyzing searches made on YouTube. The fact that Google owns YouTube does not mean that the popularity of a search is the same on the two platforms.

As can be seen, Google Trends is very useful when researching keywords and other areas of marketing and SEO, although it was not created for that purpose.

Tips On How To Use Google Trends

  • Use it to get and improve your keywords first than others. Through Google Trends, you can find popular keywords that have not been used.
  • Study queries that are related to each other, using the long tail searches that the tool automatically shows and that are related to the entered keyword.
  • Use the tool to put the title to an article, writing it in Google Trends to observe and analyze which is the most popular.
  • Make fresh articles or get popular topics through YouTube and its trends, the most viewed videos or the most popular of the different categories.
  • Make content planning through the visualization of interest for keywords of up to 5 years.
  • Reuse of material in a planned way, searching Google Trends for topics that already exist and should only be updated or improved.
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