Google Sandbox Period

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is Google Sandbox Period? 

The Google Sandbox period is presumed to be the period in which Google places new websites to prevent them from being positioned in the main search engine results (SERPs). The existence of this practice has not yet been confirmed or denied by Google.

How Long Does Google Sandbox Last?

It is not known precisely how long the period of time in which a web page is in Google Sandbox however, it is said that the effect will depend on the type and niche it has, it usually lasts 4-6 months for new sites but in some cases, it is about 2-3 months and in more extreme cases it can take about 8-9 months.

How To Avoid The Effect Of Google Sandbox?

If a website was recently indexed or does not have enough quality backlinks, there are several tips to follow to prevent your domain from being placed in Google Sandbox:

  • Create relevant, high-quality, and timely content that provides valuable information to visitors about the website's issues. 
  • Avoid acquiring too many backlinks in a short period of time.
  • Do not over-optimize content: the focus keyword should not be used more than 0.5% to 2% of total words. 

Best Practices To Get Out Of The Google Sandbox Effect

Once a website domain is penalized by Google by placing it in Google Sandbox, different methods can be used to get out of it as soon as possible, among these are: 

Indexing The Website As Soon As Possible

Every published website must go through Google's indexing process, which is simply adding it to its index to be displayed in search results. If, when reviewing, the domain has not yet been indexed, you can register in Google Search Console and send the site map with the purpose of speeding up the process.

Increase Visitor Traffic

It is important for a new website to get increased traffic to it, which can help get a higher ranking and get out of the Google sandbox period faster. A tactic to increase visitors is to make regular forum posts, comment on highly popular forums, and post comments or announcements on social networking groups such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  

Use Social Signals

The use of social signals generates confidence in Google. It can indicate that a website is popular on social networks. One way to use them is to post an article on the page's blog and then place ads on Facebook to attract visitors to it.

Choose Long-Tail Keywords 

When a domain is in the Google sandbox period, it may not be taken into account for the most used keywords. However, it is possible that it is classified for the Long-Tail Keywords; for this, it is recommended to make a good analysis of the words you want to use with tools like Ubersuggest and SEMrush that are very useful. 

Developing Authority

To gain the trust of Google and the users of a website, it must have good user metrics, quality links, backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites, and queries with the site's name. All of the above should give the website more authority.

Do Not Be Too Aggressive

It is recommended that a new website grows slowly, steadily, and firmly. Because if Google sees multiple ads and links in a short time can be considered spam; even the use of premium links should be little by little to achieve the confidence of Google as soon as possible and that the page thrives over time.

Buy An Active Website

Another way to avoid Google Sandbox is to buy an active website. For this, different tools will allow you to know which sites are for sale, the time they have been online and the income obtained, and even analyze the domain's keywords.

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