Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What is GoogleBot in SEO? 

GoogleBot' also known as 'crawler' or 'spider,' is the web crawling software created by Google to explore the content of pages and add them to its indexing engine. 

Why Is Important GoogleBot For A Website?

Google needs to know that the content of a page exists and understand it to establish the search words relevant to that site. In both cases, GoogleBot plays a key role.

This web crawler is the main program that Google uses to understand a website. It is of great importance because as Google is the most popular search engine, GoogleBot will bring the most traffic to a website.

The GoogleBot crawler is the one that finds all the pages of a site, collects the necessary data, and informs Google about them so that the latter proceeds to evaluate them properly and submit them to the search engines.  

In short, if a company wants to get more visitors to its website, it must make sure that the Googlebot finds what it is looking for.

How Does GoogleBot Work?

GoogleBot uses maps of the websites and stores data of links that it discovers during the different crawls that it has made to know where to go later. In this process, when finding new links, it incorporates them into the list of pages to go to visit them. 

If the GoogleBot finds modifications in the links or broken links, it will take note of it to update the index; likewise, this program also calculates the frequency with which it will carry out the crawling of the pages. 

How To Optimize A Website For GoogleBot?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a broad process that involves practicing useful techniques to modify a website to stand out in the results of search engines such as Google. 

Among these techniques, several things can be done to help you be more visible and understandable to the GoogleBot:

  • Configure the website to ensure that it is visible to search engines.
  • Do not use 'nofollow' links on the site or use as little as possible since GoogleBot will not follow them. Above all, do not use them within the internal links pointing to your own site. 
  • Creating a site map- this technique is useful to help GoogleBot to know the site and find all the content, can be done by using add-ons or programs that are available on the market.
  • Using the Google Search Console- this is just a series of tools that help perform indispensable tasks in the process of optimizing a website for GoogleBot; with it, you can send the site map, detect errors in the crawling of the pages, and ways to solve them, among others.

And if you want to know if you can see how a GoogleBot crawler sees your pages, the answer is yes; if you access the cached copy of your page, it will show an image of the last time it was crawled by GoogleBot, you can see it by clicking on the arrow next to the URL in the SERP and choosing "Cached."

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