Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is GEO-Targeting?

It is a tool used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that allows a website to target a specific demographic area, such as a city or country. It is useful for local SEO to rank the area service is meant for. 

How Is GEO-Targeting Used?

GEO targeting is mostly used by local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or supermarkets because this tool makes it easier for them to be found by the local area they are located in or that their product is for.

This method is useful for almost every site or business because even an international brand has certain markets where it would do better. But some special cases could be:

  • A business with one and only physical store or center, or business with more than one store but in the same city or country.
  • The business has branch offices in various regions, but it has a site specialized for each one of them. 
  • It is a website aimed towards a specific demographic area, like a city’s newspaper.

GEO targeting is also used a lot when creating pay-per-click advertisements in order to narrow down to a target user or audience.

How To Make GEO-Targeting In Social Networks


On Facebook ads, the advertiser can choose to reach people based on locations such as cities and countries and even target a trade area.

Google Ads

With Google ads, it is possible to target the users on determining locations such as countries, regions, or cities. It is also possible to target based on location groups, which means places of interest such as parks or residential areas, business locations, and tiered demographics.


Twitter ads perform GEO targeting by tracking the user’s recent location, using the mobile Wifi signal, IP address, and GPS.


It lets the users tag a post with a location, so if users search for determining places the business will show up, it also can be helped with hashtags or stickers in Stories that would make the advertisement more visible.

Pros Of GEO Targeting

GEO targeting is a powerful tool for advertising goods, services, or articles. It should be really considered by anyone who is thinking about starting to advertise their product. 

This method will help achieve one of the most important things when advertising, and it is, as its name says, targeting. A site could be super interesting, useful, or entertaining. It could have the nicest design and the easiest interface. Still, if it is aimed at the wrong public or presented in the wrong area, it would not perform well because it was not targeted correctly, so it did not make it to the public that could have made it a successful website or advertisement. 

This is why GEO targeting is so useful; by targeting the city or region the product is aimed for, or where It could be successful, the buying intent of the audience is maximized.

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