Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What is Footer? 

Footer is the space at the bottom of a document page, for example, in Word. On the Internet, it is at the bottom of a web page at the boom section and is used to inform the user of what they cannot find in the main menu.

How To Make A Footer On A Website?

The best practice for making Footer on a website is to wrap the footer in its own <footer> label.</footer>

There are no limits to the creation of content when making a Footer because it is an HTML element, there are many ways to optimize it and make the best use of it to improve a web page and the experience of its visitors, such as including links to the most important sites on the page or displaying relevant information. 

Why Are Footers Important For Seo? 

The Footers are of great importance for SEO because they can make a company's website more visible in the SERP. With them, you can advertise and publicize events, blogs, social networks and provide information links for the visitor. 

It should be noted that in the case of Google, footer links are tracked when they determine that they were created to help users navigate.


If a website offers visitors, footers links with useful information can increase the audience the same. It is proven that visitors to a page surf more than half the time below it looking for information; if your experience is satisfactory, you will do so again in the future.

Increase conversions

Proper use and optimization of a website's Footers can help a company increase conversions. Since they are the last part of the page that the visitor sees, they can give him valuable information to make him stay or register or buy a product. Sometimes they can be a decisive factor in making a sale or getting a bounce.

Footer Links Examples 

90% of the Footers' content is done through links because they make navigation easier for the visitor.  With the "Footer Links," it is possible to give to know useful information for the visitor, for example:

Business Contact Information, Address, And Business Hours.

One of the essential Footer Links when creating a footer is the one that contains the company's contact information, if the visitor likes a page, he will want to keep in touch, and it will give him confidence. It is recommended to provide a phone number, an email, a physical address, and you can also include a geolocation map easy to understand.


They are small applications in which you can insert various aspects of the content such as calendar, menu, files, recent events, positive feedback, and future events.

Social Media Icons

Nowadays, most internet users (84% approximately) are on social networks. That's why it is recommended to use Social Media Icons in the Footer Links if a company wants the visitors of a website to stay longer in it and when they finish they move to other sites of their company. 

Subscription Option

This type of Footer Link is usually used by visitors who like the website and are interested in getting more information from it. 


Including a Footer Link to ask a website visitor for a call to action can increase the number of conversions because it can influence the decision users make; for example, it can help you choose what type of house or car to buy.

Terms of Use

By placing a Footer Link in Terms of Use, also called "Terms of Service," it is easier for visitors to access information that will allow them to know the general rules and regulations for using the website.

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