Evergreen content

Joran Hofman
April 4, 2021

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is content that continues to be important, useful, and will always be in fashion after being published. It unfolds around topics always important to readers; it will always be sought after, regardless of the current new season.

Its name takes its origin from the evergreen tree, a plant that maintains green leaves throughout the year.

Why is Evergreen Content important?

  • It takes less work: the more times a created content can be used, the more value it will have. Content is not required to be updated or changed very frequently, if ever, which translates into a huge time saving, and leads to very good ROI for evergreen content.
  • Evergreen content creates consistent organic traffic: Evergreen content has a prominent place in search engine results, makes it more found, and generates more organic traffic.
  • Obtains high positions in search engines: motivated that the imperishable content is of very good quality and permanent over time, it will continue to have a relevant position in searches for a long time.
  • Maintains its informative character: it continues to be of use to the public and maintains it on the website or web page.
  • Evergreen content generates backlinks: There are other sites and web pages that link to content with quality information when writing about a topic. When you have evergreen content, there are more chances that websites and pages will link to this content.
  • Decrease the bounce rate of the site or web page: informative, important, and permanent content makes readers stay on a site or web page for longer, which tells search engines that it is valuable content and that meets what is requested in the search.
  • Allows the use of SEO strategies over extended periods: keywords can be included in the content naturally, and internal links can also be incorporated into other content on the website or web page.

How to Create Evergreen Content?

Evergreen themes must first be achieved through keyword research. It is not about looking for hot topics but about topics with traffic potential and a high trend in persistent search volume and checking that it stays that way.

The second step is to create timeless content, which will stand the test of time.

This is achieved by creating high-quality content that is better than other content on that topic so that it is offered as a result of a search query (10X content) 

Among the top three characteristics of 10X content are:

  1. The quality, the site or web page must have an excellent design, the content displayed must be easy to read, useful for people, entertaining, must generate interest, and must solve a problem. 
  2. It must be unique, exclusive that people do not have a better option when choosing content. 
  3. It must be authoritative, written, researched by experts on the subject.

Other tips or factors to take into account when creating evergreen content are:

  • Choose your keywords well since it is not worth much to have imperishable content if people do not search for that topic.
  • Improve by thinking about SEO, using best practices to optimize the page, adding alternative text to images without using word stuffing, using hyperlinks in related evergreen articles.
  • Write with beginners in mind so that the content reaches a more recurring and broad audience.
  • Do not use very technical language concerning the previous advice; beginning users or readers are generally not very related to very technical language. Therefore it should be avoided as far as possible.
  • Timeless content should be reviewed and updated frequently with new findings and articles.

Examples of Evergreen Content.

Here are some examples of evergreen themes:

"How to lose weight": this is a topic that people always get their attention, regardless of the year, people always want to lose weight.

"How to cook an egg": This ingredient rarely fails in breakfasts and meals in many parts of the world. It is not observed in the short, medium, or long term that people will stop consuming them, so there is always a constant interest in learning how to cook them.

“Soccer Results”: Soccer games are played every day and all the time, and football fans always want to know the latest results.

"How to build a house for dogs": people always buy pets and especially dogs, so this is a topic that will never stop generating interest, clear and precise explanations with good photos are good imperishable items.

Or some examples looking at our site:

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