Editorial Link

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is An Editorial Link?

An editorial link is a backlink that is not traded or paid for and is given naturally; a website finds that the content of another page is reliable, so it links back to it to make the content more useful for users.

Why Are Editorial Links Important?

This kind of link is probably the most powerful because it carries a lot of weight on the search engine radar; an editorial link points out that the content offered in a site is valuable and should be presented in the search results for more users to see use. It really does not matter if the citation that the link is formed is presented positively or negatively. It still means much value for the content presented on a site.

The reason behind this could be that in the beginnings of web popularity, the search engines were ruled by a linking system, somewhat close to the way it is today; search engines give priority to pages or sites that obtain links in a more “genuine” way, even though paid or acquired links do still have weight in search results.

The better, easier, and most effective way to make a website grow is by earning the user’s trust. Getting editorial links is a clear signal that a site is worthy of trust.

How To Get Editorial Links From Authoritative Websites?

A website is considered authoritative when it has some kind of authority over a subject or determining content.

Authoritative websites do not have to be big sites, have big platforms, or be government organizations; actually, these normally are local businesses, personal blogs, or trade journalists.

To a website, having links from this kind of pages is really valuable because it means more probabilities to appear in search results and rank higher, but there are other advantages, such as:

  1. Earn trustworthiness from the users
  2. Build respect by being mentioned in a trustworthy publication
  3. Get more traffic 

For these and more reasons, editorial links are the most valued by website owners.

A site is more likely to be referred to as a backlink if its content or information is good and reliable. Here are some characteristics that could make a site more likely to other sites to link to:

  1. Controversial
  2. Useful
  3. Helpful
  4. Creative 

Editorial Links Vs. Acquired Links

An acquired link is a backlink acquired by the site owner via payment or sponsorship. Some examples are link advertisements, paid linking, or article distribution.

Both kinds of backlinks add value to a website, but the Editorial Links add even more value to a site from a search engine point of view. The reason for this is very simple. If a writer or other site owner thinks that another page’s info is trustworthy and valuable, he will add a link on his page to this one; the search engines value more this than if a page owner paid another website to ad his link to it, nevertheless, the search engines give some credit to this.

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