Earnings Per Click (EPC)

Joran Hofman
March 6, 2021

What Is EPC Earnings Per Click?

Earnings Per Click (EPC) refers to the average amount of money a website earns when someone clicks on its ads. It is the most important metric because the higher the EPC, the more money is earned.

How Is EPC Earnings Per Click Calculated?

To calculate the EPC, you must divide the total money earned on an advertising campaign by the total number of clicks on your ads. Some companies prefer to calculate the EPC per 100 clicks or in a specific time; this will depend on the business model of your website or the expectations you want to achieve. 

How Can I Increase The Earnings Per Click (EPC) To Earn More Money?

There are different ways to increase the EPC. Among them, the simplest are: 

Find The Merchants Who Pay The Most

To do this, you must do research that allows you to know which merchants pay the most money for your links and do your best to attract them and their visitors to your site. To do this, you can use a link optimization tool. 

Keeping Up To Date

One way to increase the EPC is to make good use of the different vacation seasons by linking products or services to the upcoming seasons. Sorting through the relevant search queries during a vacation period can help increase website traffic and conversions and thus your EPC.

Fast Hosting

If a website is hosted quickly, securely, and reliably, users will spend more time on it, increasing the likelihood of getting more clicks on your ads and therefore increasing your EPC.

Find Out What Kind Of Site Earns More

As well as knowing what type of merchants pay the most, it is important to know what type of sites earn the most and the type of product or service they offer. 

Focus On The Desktop For Now

The practice of marketing on mobile devices has been increasing in recent years. However even the amount of money generated through these operations is not higher than that generated through desktop computers, so it is recommended, for now, to tilt the efforts to increase the EPC of a website to these, without neglecting the importance that digital marketing deserves today.

Link Always To The Best Bidder

It is important to promote and support competition in the link market; this will help publishers receive more money for the clicks generated and thus increase the EPC of their websites.

Why Are Earnings Per Click (EPC) Important?

In the world of marketing, earnings per click are considered the most valuable metric, even more so than the conversion rate or the number of clicks generated in a campaign. Earnings Per Click (EPC) tells a company what the exact amount of money generated by each click is based on historical performance. With this information, decisions can be made, such as what to do so that the cost per click is lower than your earnings. 

EPC in Affiliate Marketing

First of all, it is important to know that affiliate marketing is when the owner uses his website to sell or advertise a merchant's product or service; by doing so, he earns a commission if visitors buy it.

EPC is useful in affiliate marketing because it is used to measure the traffic to a website, which products or services are advertised, and calculate the commission earned. And since this type of marketing can represent high revenues for a website, this metric is important to help you calculate the performance.

Below are some of the advantages of using EPC in affiliate marketing campaigns:

  • Calculate the EPC to determine how much is earned with each campaign or affiliate scheme.
  • Compare the affiliate partners, one to determine which one earns more.  
  • Know which of the websites or advertising platforms used in a campaign produce the highest performance.
  • Compare current campaigns with past ones to see the progress made. 
  • Calculate if you earn more with low-priced or high-priced affiliates.
  • Know if it is worth the expense of the advertising campaign compared to the money earned. 

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